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Limeadestand Works

As a comprehensive brand communications and public relations firm primarily serving the artists and makers community founded in Portland, Oregon in 2016, we amplify the voices of independent micro-entrepreneurs by building an effective branding strategy from its inception to growth and beyond. We are first and foremost a social enterprise dedicated to a betterment of our communities and liberation of the marginalized people through an entrepreneurial approach.

Our community educational service, Creative Liberation Lab (CLL), complements our social missions by training and empowering the economically- and socially-disadvantaged artists/crafters/makers to reclaim their social and economic self-determination powers through microenterprise even if they have very little money and no access to capital. Beginning in the fall of 2017, the CLL learning programs will be offered online only.

At a quick glance

What does Limeadestand Works do? Limeadestand Works is a brand communication and public relations service. We help independent business owners establish and grow their own brands. This includes the development of a brand (including business names, brand names, visuals such as logo and promotional materials), as well as ongoing brand engagement with the audience/customers (including newsletters, events, press releases, social media management, advertising, and other publicity and promotions).
Is Limeadestand Works for me? Limeadestand Works' primary customer base is the community of artists, makers, crafters, and DIYers. Anyone who is interested in turning their creative sparks into a sustainable income stream will benefit from what Limeadestand Works has to offer.
How much does your service cost me? The standard hourly rate is $90 for all services with 2 billable hours minimum. While this may seem a lot for some people, to us "a billable hour" represents our minimum time commitment to your project. It is not uncommon that we offer extra work for no additional charge whenever possible, subject to time availability and any other projects ongoing (this should be considered a "bonus" and should not be expected for granted).
What if I can't afford $180? Do you do a sliding-scale? We do not do sliding-scale or pro bono work. However, if money is your concern, we encourage you to join us at Creative Liberation Lab, where you will be able to follow a substantially similar process on your own under our guidance and peer-based online support. We can offer this program at a much lower price (as low as $35 for a 7-week course for the "limited basic" learning plan) because we can service many people this way simultaneously.
What is Personal Narratives Studio? Personal Narratives Studio is our service package for anyone who is interested in improving their own self-image, finding their life's purposes, and discovering their own voices in articulating who they are. Utilizing similar process we use for business branding, but adapted for individual consumers, Personal Narratives Studio offers a one-on-one or small-group setting in-person where you can discover and build your own personal brand.
How much does Personal Narratives Studio cost? The price is same as business service. This means your first session (2 hours and 30 minutes) is $225, and any subsequent session (1 hour) is $90. You can save money by inviting your friends and schedule a group session, as the sessions cost the same regardless of how many people are in there (plus $10 per person, per session surcharge; group session maximum is 5).
  • For more questions and answers, please refer to our FAQ page.

Our three key products and services

  • Personal Narratives Studio: One-on-one, continuing coaching on how you can revolutionize your mind and your life by critically examining the ways how you speak of yourself. This program combines best practices from personal branding and image consulting together with spiritual direction and pastoral counseling.
  • Creative Liberation Lab: A seven-week training program for aspiring entrepreneurs who may not have access to conventional banking or credit, and lack other resources. In this program we help students to tap into their own inner resources, social capital, and creative problem-solving to launch a microenterprise that can grow with them.
  • Small business brand communications and public relations: For solo and micro businesses, we offer comprehensive and scaleable brand communications and PR solutions from brainstorming to ongoing brand engagement. While we primarily serve the creative community in the Greater Portland and South Columbia County areas, other micro businesses are welcome as well.

For detailed information on any of these services please consult relevant pages on this website.

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