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Limeadestand Works

Hello everybody. You're seeing this page because Limeadestand Works is evolving and we're giving it a major renovation it deserves!

Limeadestand Works is all about brands.

As a comprehensive brand communications firm founded in Portland, Oregon in 2016, we amplify the voices of independent micro-entrepreneurs by building an effective branding strategy from its inception to growth and beyond.

Our community educational service, Micro-Revolution Academy, complements our social missions by training and empowering the people on the margins of society to reclaim their social and economic self-determination through microentreprise even if they have very little money and no access to capital. Our innovative and revolutionary workshops are held in the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. (The Academy is on the summer break! Programs will resume in late September 2017, so enjoy the summer!)

Don't (just) be a follower. Be a doer!

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