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Limeadestand Works

As a comprehensive brand communications and public relations firm founded in Portland, Oregon in 2016, we amplify the voices of independent micro-entrepreneurs by building an effective branding strategy from its inception to growth and beyond.

Our community educational service, Micro-Revolution Academy, complements our social missions by training and empowering the people on the margins of society to reclaim their social and economic self-determination through microentreprise even if they have very little money and no access to capital. Our innovative and revolutionary workshops are held in the greater Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. (The Academy is on the summer break! Programs will resume in October 2017, so enjoy the summer!)

Our three key products and services

  • Personal Narratives Makeover: One-on-one, continuing coaching on how you can revolutionize your mind and your life by critically examining the ways how you speak of yourself. This program combines best practices from personal branding and image consulting together with spiritual direction and pastoral counseling.
  • Micro-Revolution Academy: A seven-week training program for aspiring entrepreneurs who may not have access to conventional banking or credit, and lack other resources. In this program we help students to tap into their own inner resources, social capital, and creative problem-solving to launch a microenterprise that can grow with them.
  • Small business brand communications and public relations: For solo and micro businesses, we offer comprehensive and scaleable brand communications and PR solutions from brainstorming to ongoing brand engagement.

For detailed information on any of these services please consult relevant pages on this website.

Stop! Read this one first.

You've come to the official website of Limeadestand Works. People stumble upon this little corner of the Interwebz by a variety of means and reasons. To save everyone's time, let me get this one out first.

This isn't a right place if...

This is, however, a right place if...

  • You have constant difficulties with self-respect, self-image, and confidence.
  • You feel like you are a failure or worthless, but you want a way out of this depressing spiral.
  • You are indignant about the way your voice has been systemically silenced by the mainstream society, by the media, and even by self-claimed "progressives" and "liberals."
  • You have great ideas and powerful stories to offer to the world, but you don't know how to go about it.
  • You find everywhere a barrier to economic and social rights as well as to participation in the economy.
  • You are an aspiring or growing entrepreneur who is looking for a way to combine social conscience with business practice.
  • You are a rebel who seeks an alternative to a life of subservience to the System (whether in the form of employment in Corporate America, or in the form of dependence on the dehumanizing Public-Private Welfare Industry Complex).
  • You are interested in building a solidarity economy in your community where people can find opportunities for creativity and income.

By a rebel for the rebels.

I'm not a self-styled guru. I'm not an "expert" on anything other than on constant learning. And most importantly, I am a born rebel, much to my parents' horror.

I founded Limeadestand Works after years of frustration with the progressive activist scene that was all empty talk, lots of infighting, and no tangible results. As a queer POC who experienced years of extreme poverty and extended homelessness (in a city that was supposed to be a progressive paradise!) I called out the bullshit of the career non-profit professionals, politicians, the business community, faith leaders, self-appointed progressives, and NIMBY neighborhood activists. This is an entrepreneurial approach to concrete social actions.

I was not interested in endless protests for protests' sake when people who are worse off than me needed a way to generate income to support themselves in a dignified manner but they had no means to do so. Instead, well-meaning, middle-class talkers would paternalistically pontificate about how poor people should not be trusted with even a dollar or spare changes. I was tired of houseless women forced to take on themselves "a boyfriend" for their own safety and to sell their own bodies for survival.

Even more troubling was when I came to a rude conclusion that society and those in power condition those who are marginalized to accept docility by training them to speak of themselves as sub-humans or someone with a character defect. Instead of teaching them to speak of themselves as a unique person with inherent talents, good character, and dreams, the System would have them believe that they are homeless, unemployed, an addict, a criminal, or mentally ill.

Words matter because words mean something and ideas have consequences. Oppressions first begin small, through well-meaning and even scientific-sounding talks and "studies" that relegate certain classes of people to the undesirable margin of society. But we know how this ultimately ends.

Limeadestand Works is here to present a possibility of another path forward for those without socio-economic privileges, with tangible and workable solutions for individuals to undermine the System that does not serve them by using its own game book. In so doing, we not only hope to transform individual lives but also re-shape our culture and build a new world within the shell of the old. We call this process the Micro-Revolution, a radical reclaiming of our human dignity, personal power, socio-economic sovereignty, and freedom. Through Micro-Revolution we learn and achieve to be a "master of one's own destiny." If your dream is to conform and consume, then this isn't a good fit for you.

Rebels welcome here.

Don't be a follower. Be a doer!

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