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Statement on our core values and social missions
General information

Statement on our core values and social missions

For a world that works for everyone

Limeadestand Works is a social enterprise rooted in a certain set of religious and ethical values informed by religious feminism, ecofeminism, and New Thought traditions. We do not however use "values" and "beliefs" as a weapon to exclude "the others," but rather, as a driver for liberation and social justice.

Voice, power, and sparks for those on the margins of society

Branding is inherently about framing of narratives. As a branding professional whose backgrounds are both in words (journalism) and images (fine art and graphic design), I believe how words and images can shape realities and move people to specific behaviors -- and this is a very powerful, two-edged sword. They can be abused to dehumanize the others and to promote hatred, and they can also be used as tools of empowerment and human dignity.

As such, Limeadestand Works acknowledges the deep social responsibility in the practice of branding and brand communication.

We focus on solo entrepreneurs and grass-roots community organizations because they deserve the same level of professional branding services as larger companies, but too often they have no access to such services or do not recognize the importance of public messaging through proper branding.

Additionally we provide two services that are intended for general consumers: (1) Micro-Revolution Academy for aspiring and new entrepreneurs who have little to no start-up capital and have no or limited access to banking; and (2) personal narratives makeover service to help individuals reframe their personal stories and reinvent the ways they see and talk about themselves. These services are value-priced for lower-income population.

Our commitment to ethical and moral business practice

  • We do not mislead our clients about pricing, nor will we pressure people into spending money they may not have.
  • We do not encourage our clients and prospects to get into a debt in order to receive our services or products.
  • We make our best efforts at making brand communications inclusive, anti-oppressive, ethically honest, and socially just.
  • We actively work with those who are historically and systemically relegated to the margins of society and are deprived of economic opportunities.
  • We adopt fair pricing practices that are sustainable but not exploitative.
  • We reinvest our profits into expanding programs that serve the lower-income and POC communities.
  • We are open to collaborations with other social enterprises and minority-owned enterprises to further our missions and to help build a cohesive community.
  • We are here for working-class entrepreneurs, creatives, and makers!
  • We do not leverage oppression in order to promote our products and services, and we do not leverage oppression to promote our clients' businesses.

Discounted rates for charitable donations

Our clients (new clients only) receive discounted rates for services if they donate to any of the following organizations that we support:

Community partnership and pro-bono works policy

We are happy to partner with local community organizations to provide discounted Micro-Revolution Academy programs or personal narratives makeover group workshops, provided that they provide a venue, do their own promotion, and guarantee a minimum attendance.

At this time we do not offer pro bono works for anyone, however we are flexible about rates and often we extend a significant discount or even work trades.


We reserve rights to reject any request for quote and/or service to any client whose activities or business practices may cause a direct conflict with our ethical standards, may tarnish the values of our brands, or expose us to legal liabilities. They may include but not limited to:

  • sexual exploitation.
  • sales or promotions of illicit drugs.
  • sales or promotions of gratuitous violence or lethal weapons.
  • "dark net" activities that involve trade or sales of drugs, weapons, pornographic materials, and harmful digital products.
  • promotions of racist, xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic, or any other forms of hate speech, or sales of products or services related thereto.
  • promotions of ethically questionable self-improvement, self-realization, "healing," or "spiritual" products or services that prey on vulnerable people for profit, make dubious claims, and/or reinforce oppressive social construct by engaging in gaslighting.
  • sales or promotions of counterfeit or stolen materials.
  • any business that actively engages in union-bashing or impeding workers' rights to organize.
  • banking, money-lending, or other financial services, including investment advisors, stock brokers, mortgage brokers, payday loans, and car title loans.
  • landlords, property managers, real estate agents, real estate developers, REITs.
  • fraudulent or deceptive schemes such as "get rich quick" schemes and pyramid schemes.

Stock photo credit: pixabay/Pexels, cc0 public domain.