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Micro-Revolution Academy

Micro-Revolution Academy

Entrepreneurship is for everyone!

Here at Micro-Revolution Academy, we believe in the power of micro-enterprise as an avenue for social and economic empowerment. Our unique and innovative program enables those who are on the margins of society to work toward their own greatness by:

  1. discovering and reclaiming their own sparks, the life's vocation and mission that propels a human being.
  2. redefining and reimagining their lives by examining and rewriting the stories they tell about themselves.
  3. assessing their own strengths, inner resources, and weaknesses.
  4. creating a simple, straight-forward, yet viable business plan.
  5. learning how to finance their new business with $25 to $250 in start-up expenses, even if they have little to no money and have no access to credit or banking.
  6. developing unique branding message and products that express who they are and plays on their own strengths.
  7. gaining confidence, dignity, and pride in themselves.

The Academy programs include:

  • Small-group based entry-level workshops.
  • Peer-based supportive community.
  • Continuing mentorship and support.
  • Opportunities for networking and collective promotions.

Micro-Revolution Academy is ideal for:

  • Single parents who cannot afford childcare costs and full-time jobs.
  • Those who cannot thrive or function in a corporate workplace environment because of disabilities, mental health, or any other reasons.
  • Those who are often left out of the economic and job opportunities because of systemic social disadvantage such as past criminal histories, history of homelessness, ethnic background, limited formal education, gender, age, and/or sexual orientation.
  • Artists and crafters who would like to generate income from their creative talents.
  • Those who are on fixed income and are interested in ways to supplement income (SSI recipients can engage in business and not lose benefits as long as their monthly gross earning remains under a certain limit).
  • Those who are considering an exit from the corporate world.
  • You!


Monday, August 1, 2017

Micro-Revolution Academy, a service of Limeadestand Works, is pleased to announce the new and improved 2017-2018 season of its microenterprise educational program. The new program will be a fully-online, 7-week course that covers fundamentals of starting and growing a micro business with a small start-up cost ($25-$250) and is geared toward those who may not have an access to credit or financing.

The Class Schedule

  • Fall term: Monday, Oct. 3-Nov. 13, 2017
  • Winter term: Monday, Jan. 8-Feb. 19, 2018
  • Early spring term: Monday, March 5-April 16, 2018
  • Late spring term: Monday, April 30-June 11, 2018

Curriculum Overview


  1. Students will gain an important insight and understanding of their own “sparks,” vocations, personal strengths, and talents, and gain an appreciation for their own existing personal power and dignity.
  2. Students will learn fundamental concepts about entrepreneurship, branding, public relations, marketing, advertising, money management, product development, and customer relations.
  3. Students will be able to turn their aspirations into a functional business enterprise, with a tangible plan to execute.

Legal disclaimers

"Micro-Revolution Academy" refers to a series of proprietary informational and educational materials produced by Sarah-Andrea A. Morrigan dba Limeadestand Works, and associated private, informal small-group support programs that are aimed towards discovering self-empowering lifestyle options for its participants.

Microrevolution Academy does NOT:

  • confer any degree or certificate.
  • offer any academic credit or transcript.
  • teach industry-specific career skills or trade.

Participation in this program does NOT:

  • guarantee or imply any promise of financial compensation or employment opportunities.

It is neither a "school" nor a "career school" under the definition of the relevant statutes, but is rather a self-directed, facilitated learning platform supported by peer-oriented small groups.

"Micro-Revolution Academy" and "Micro-Revolution Media" are servicemarks of S.A. Morrigan dba Limeadestand Works in Oregon. This program is offered in no small part as its author's expressions of political and religious beliefs, and as such, is a constitutionally protected speech and expression according to the case laws of Oregon.

Every person who participates in this program must explicitly attest to understanding this and take full responsibility for whatever they may or may not do with what they learn in this program.

Relevant statutes:

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