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Every once in a while she turns into a fairy among flowers and trees. On other occasions, random cats come out of nowhere and follow her around. The master curator of stories in words and pictures, helping you reclaim your sparks and reshape your stories.

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About Limeadestand Works
General information

About Limeadestand Works

In a nutshell.

Founded in 2016, Limeadestand Works empowers people by facilitating a process of discovering their own voices and personal power, curating their stories, and helping them reclaim their own inner sparks. We are a small, independent brand communications and public relations service in Northwestern Oregon.

We promote human dignity through micro-enterprise.

Limeadestand Works' program is three-fold:

  1. Discover one's sparks and restore human dignity through our "personal narratives makeover"--a cross between personal branding consultation and spiritual directions.

  2. At our "Micro-Revolution Academy," learn how to start and run one's own small business with little or no start-up capital requirement, even if you have zero access to banking or financing. The academy provides personalized mentorship, continuing access to support, and a community of peers on the journey.

  3. For new and established businesses (and community organizations) we offer comprehensive brand communications and brand management service, from facilitated brainstorming sessions at the inception stage to long-range brand engagement and public relations. This includes content creations and curation, social media strategy and management, event planning, and other components to help business owners communicate their stories and share their experiences with an engaged audience.

The distinctives

The founder brings to the world a unique combination of her unconventional life experiences as a journalist, a visual artist, a graphic designer, a political activist, a community organizer, a world citizen, a theologian, and a clergyperson--who has experienced both a life of privilege and that of an extreme poverty. The works of Limeadestand Works is rooted in both religious and political values for the liberation of every human being.

She is uniquely positioned in the field of branding and public relations as very few people possess experiences and gifts in both the visual and the verbal forms of storytelling.

We also welcome new and continuing partnership with a wide variety of community groups, faith communities, and social enterprises to further our missions.

Recent development

Limeadestand Works traces its beginning in the spring of 2015 and formally launched in October 2016. During these days practical experiences helped us learn and gain a deeper clarity on our visions. As a result, we are changing several things around.

Here are some of the changes you'll expect over the coming months:

  1. We will become more specialized and our work will be narrowly focused on brand communications for independent micro and small enterprises (including community non-profits and grassroots organizations). We are no longer putting ourselves out as a "marketing agency," since it implies something a lot broader and beyond the scopes of our services -- and more importantly, we really don't believe in "marketing," which has become too much of attracting more people and money at all costs and means.

  2. Our entrepreneurship education program, the Micro-Revolution Academy, will resume in October for the fall term. However, in order to serve more students efficiently while cutting costs, we will be moving our programs online. We are still open to bringing in-person classes to community organizations and such, however.

  3. As an extension of our focus on brand communications, we are also launching service packages for general consumers who are interested in transforming their lives through a reclaiming and mastery of their own life narratives and self-images. We anticipate a significant growth in this new area of business.

We thank you for your continuing support and prayers.

Feel free to use the new live chat function on our new website to send us an email, or if we are online, chat with us real-time.

Historical timeline

Pre-history, 2007: After 13 years of staying away from art, I decided to resume my artistic activities. I named the art production "Ancient-Future Iconography & Sacred Art" (AFISA) as, at the time, my art focused on a contemporary reinterpretation of Christian icons. I made some money selling art at shows and at the Last Thursday on Alberta.

Pre-history, 2008: While I was experiencing homelessness, I came across a workshop offered by a local non-profit that taught participants to earn money by painting windows for holiday decorations. Ultimately I was the only one who actually ran with this program. This is when I discovered the power of micro-enterprise in alleviating extreme poverty. From 2008 through 2010, I painted lots of windows in the greater Portland area including businesses such as Davis Tools, Les Schwab Tire Centers, Lithia Auto, and Pacific Lumber & Truss. I expanded this business to traditional sign painting as well as logo design. The original logo of Southeast Grind was my work (the current one is based on my work but redesigned by someone else).

2015: After four years of nearly full-time involvement in political community organizing, I resigned from a board position (and de facto general manager role) of a small 501(c)(4) non-profit organization. The organization collapses due to financial issues shortly before my intended last day with that organization.

2015: I explored several future paths forward, and I initially thought of going on a consultant role to help non-profits manage their volunteers and events. I began formulating a business plan but it ultimately did not look viable, nor was I really happy with this.

2016: Based on my previous community organizing work among the unhoused population, particularly women, I decided to revive the project I started in 2011 to help people launch their own micro-enterprises to create economic opportunities. Now reformulated as a business enterprise, Limeadestand Works was established in May 2016 and was officially launched in October 2016.

2016: The first major client, Estancia Serenova launches in Columbia County, Oregon. (Fun fact: "Estancia Serenova" was one among two finalist options I presented; the other one was "GroundsWell Sanctuary"!)

2017: In order to train aspiring entrepreneurs, I launched Micro-Revolution Academy.

2017: Based on my field experiences in teaching Micro-Revolution Academy classes, I sensed an important unmet need for helping people discover their inner sparks and shape their own personal narratives that define their perceptions of their own lives.

Contact information is here

For information about religious ministries, check out the Contemporary Priestess website.