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Every once in a while she turns into a fairy among flowers and trees. On other occasions, random cats come out of nowhere and follow her around. The master curator of stories in words and pictures, helping you reclaim your sparks and reshape your stories.

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Faircoin welcome
Social enterprise

Faircoin welcome

Join us for an experiment in a new economic system.


Faircoin is a different kind of digital currency designed specifically to promote cooperation and solidarity. Unlike other, better known cryptocurrencies, Faircoin is designed to be circulated, not for speculation. Indeed, the entire Faircoin system is a cooperative with a mission to promote economic fairness!

As a social enterprise, we support the principles and missions of the Fair Co-op and welcome Faircoin as a tool for manifesting a solidarity economy around the world.

If you already use other types of digital blockchain currencies, it is easy to exchange them to Faircoin through

Faircoin is accepted at the official exchange rate set by the Fair Co-op.

Contribute your Faircoin

  • Creative Liberation Lab designated educational funds: fdKkvgS18ENA7gyQZW1j2Uav8AUcoBUuCX
  • Willow's tip jar: fFxJbUM6QB3GyQXeAQyBuQQ4Nkqkth2jzC

(Please refer to your invoice for a Faircoin address if you're making a payment for services.)