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Every once in a while she turns into a fairy among flowers and trees. On other occasions, random cats come out of nowhere and follow her around. The master curator of stories in words and pictures, helping you reclaim your sparks and reshape your stories.

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  1. What does Limeadestand Works do?

    Limeadestand Works is a brand communication and public relations service. We help independent business owners establish and grow their own brands. This includes the development of a brand (including business names, brand names, visuals such as logo and promotional materials), as well as ongoing brand engagement with the audience/customers (including newsletters, events, press releases, social media management, advertising, and other publicity and promotions).

  2. Is Limeadestand Works for me?

    Limeadestand Works' primary customer base is the community of artists, makers, crafters, and DIYers. Anyone who is interested in turning their creative sparks into a sustainable income stream will benefit from what Limeadestand Works has to offer.

  3. How much does your service cost me?

    The standard hourly rate is $120 for all services. While this may seem a lot for some people, to us "a billable hour" represents our minimum time commitment to your project. It is not uncommon that we offer extra work for no additional charge whenever possible, subject to time availability and any other projects ongoing (this should be considered a "bonus" and should not be expected for granted).

  4. What if I can't afford $120? Do you do a sliding-scale?

    We do not do sliding-scale or pro bono work. However, if money is your concern, we encourage you to join us at Creative Liberation Lab, where you will be able to follow a substantially similar process on your own under our guidance and peer-based online support. We can offer this program at a much lower price (as low as $35 for a 7-week course for the "limited basic" learning plan) because we can service many people this way simultaneously.

  5. What happened to Micro-Revolution Academy?

    Micro-Revolution Academy is now Creative Liberation Lab. I hope this new name better captures the essence of what our program is.

  6. Why did you change the name from Personal Narratives Makeover to Personal Narratives Studio?

    I renamed this service "Personal Narratives Studio" instead of "Personal Narratives Makeover." This is mostly because the word "makeover" has a connotation of an instant and sudden transformation, which is quite misleading, but also because I feel that the word "makeover" seems to reinforce sexism and rigid gender norms. As a culture-maker, we should avoid using words that may leverage the archetypal "feminine" lifestyle stereotypes. This program is more of a "studio," where you get to be hands-on and create.

  7. What is Personal Narratives Studio?

    Personal Narratives Studio is our service package for anyone who is interested in improving their own self-image, finding their life's purposes, and discovering their own voices in articulating who they are. Utilizing similar process we use for business branding, but adapted for individual consumers, Personal Narratives Studio offers a one-on-one or small-group setting in-person where you can discover and build your own personal brand.

  8. Why the name "Limeadestand Works"?

    Originally I named it Limeadestand. Then I found out that there is a company with the same name and similar industry in Utah.

  9. Why limeade?

    In American culture, lemonade stands are iconic rites-of-passage for children to experience and learn about entrepreneurship. In doing so, kids realize that they have an economic and social power. Micro-enterprise also functions among people who are left out of the mainstream economic opportunities as a way to regain dignity and pride in themselves. And it can be fun! But let's be different. Make some limeade if everyone else on the block is selling lemonade.

  10. Why co-opt capitalism?

    Despite all its inherent problems, the capitalist economy is reality in most of the world now and is by far superior to almost every other economic system that has been experimented with. Radical socialism is as bad as radical capitalism, and I am a fan of a practical, moderate solution that can be used right away to solve at least some of the problems. Co-opting the tools of a capitalist free market system to our own advantage and to benefit the community around us is a pragmatic way to create a new world within the shell of the old.

  11. But doesn't marketing only perpetuate the problem?

    There are many problems with marketers. Too often, they perpetuate the oppressive social norms and encourage consumerism and conformity. An increasing number of feminist entrepreneurs are standing up, however. By critically and reflectively examining common marketing best practices, we can shape a new generation of socially just and conscientious business ethics.

  12. What is "brand communication"? Is it a form of marketing? sales? logo design?

    See this page for my in-depth response.

  13. How can I enroll in the Creative Liberation Lab class?
    Check out this page for class schedule and registration information.