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Every once in a while she turns into a fairy among flowers and trees. On other occasions, random cats come out of nowhere and follow her around. The master curator of stories in words and pictures, helping you reclaim your sparks and reshape your stories.

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Podcast temporarily suspended

Dec. 3, 2017: Hi, Willow here. I have decided to suspend this podcast and restart it under a new name and format in the near future.

  1. Producing a 30-minute-ish podcast took me a full week of conception, research, and writing, plus 5 to 6 hours of recording and post-recording production. I cannot simply continue this as the podcast is only a small part of Limeadestand Works/Creative Liberation Lab's products -- and a free one at that.
  2. I have a very hard time keep talking for more than 10 minutes at a time, due to a minor speech impediment. In the end, the recorded raw audio files had to be heavily edited and the end product sounded horrible.
  3. The contents of my first and second podcast episodes sounded like one-sided criticism of others in the industry mixed in with random incoherent rants. They did not provide value to my listeners.
  4. It was mostly me reading off a pre-written script, which wasn't really a great podcast best practice.

This is what a new podcast will look like:

  1. Each episode will be short but releases will be more frequent.
  2. I will try to make it more conversational, with more extratemporaneous elements.
  3. Each episode will be bite-sized yet practical and educational.
  4. A new name.

Woo Fighter's Anti-Marketing School Podcasts

Woo Fighter's Anti-Marketing School podcasts

Hello. I fight the Woo.

Perhaps like you, I am utterly disgusted with what passes today for entrepreneurship and marketing. There are too many self-styled gurus, coaches, healers, psychics, and "lifestyle business" (yuck) experts who are peddling their lotions and potions with unethical claims, while gaslighting those who are in a vulnerable place to extract profits.

In my new podcasts, Woo Fighter's Anti-Marketing School, I (try to) bring back sanity, reason, ethics, conscience, and justice back to the world full of woo-woo nonsense.

More than just your typical business podcast, this podcast series explores the nexus of brands, marketing, public relations, design, social activism, theology, anti-oppressive work, and queer intersectional feminism. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking for a conscious and ethical way to promote yourself, or if you're just an observer of the world that's gone nuts, this is an oasis of fresh water in the desert.

Occasionally, I will be hosting live call-in episodes, as well.

Listen to the newest episodes!