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A museum in your hand

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Photo credit: British Museum of Natural History, pixabay/lauratutu cc0 public domain.

The week between (Western) Christmas and New Year’s Day, the week of Kwanzaa, or for this year, the Hanukkah week, is a kind of lazy time of the year where normal life schedule does not apply.

Some people travel to see their relatives, and some visit a variety of destinations.

But for those who would rather stay in bed, here’s a museum that fits right in your hand.

Did you know that Google publishes an Android app called Google Arts and Culture? It is free to download and use.

Every day, Google introduces users to a different set of fine art, history, archaeology, and other exhibits from over 1200 museums in 70 countries around the world. It even includes immersive virtual tours of museums and other historical sites, based on the Google Street View technology, in which you can take a walk through exhibits.

To explore Google Arts and Culture, download the app from Google Play.

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