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Today we celebrate the last Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of the presidency of Barack Obama, the first person-of-color, African-American, and multiethnic U.S. president in history. Often a big dream seem formidable against all unsurmountable odds. Often a big dream sounds ridiculous, delusional, or impossible.

But it is still worth dreaming.

Today I’d like to introduce this song Aprende a volar (Learning to Fly) by Argentine singer (originally a heavy metal singer) Patricia Sosa. She will be 61 years old next week on Jan. 23, 2017.

(a rough translation of the lyrics)

Hard is the way and I know it’s not easy.
I do not know if there will be time to rest
In this adventure of love and courage
Just close your eyes and go flying

And when the heart gallops loud, let it out
There is no reason to overcome the passion, the desire to laugh

You can believe, you can dream
Open your wings, here is your freedom
And do not waste time, listen to the wind
Sing for what will come
It’s not so difficult for you to learn to fly.

Do not lose faith, do not lose your temper
Although sometimes this world does not ask for forgiveness
Scream although it hurts, cries if need be
Clean the wounds that heals love

And when the heart gallops loud, let it out
There is no reason to overcome the passion, the desire to laugh

You can believe, you can dream …
And do not rush the way, the end will come
Every light, every morning, everything waits in its place

You can believe, you can dream …

( Original Spanish lyrics is here )

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