About La Agrupación Artemisa

The name La Agrupación Artemisa (La Artemisa for short) evokes the style of grassroots militant organization common in Latin America that are organized around so-called “basic units”. Literally it means the group/association/gathering of Artemis (Artemisa in Castillian-Spanish). In ancient Greek and Asia Minor mythologies, Artemis was a maiden Goddess, an amazon of a sort, who excelled in archery and lived in oneness with the nature. The etymology of Artemis suggests that she predated the patriarchal Greco-Roman religions.

La Artemisa is envisioned as a religious feminist ecclesiastical entity and ministries providing resources, services and scholarly researches related to Goddess religion from a New Thought perspective. In that aspect, La Artemisa may be thought of as an iteration of the New Thought movement expressed in the context of a feminist Goddess religion (whereas most of the New Thought paths are Christian-based).

Sumate, vamos a militar para la verdad, el amor y la Diosa. ¡Viva la Diosa!

About Willow

Willow discovered Goddess in the late 1990s when she was introduced to feminist and egalitarian substrata of contemporary Judaism while pursuing possible conversion to Judaism, which was primarily prompted by her thirst for tradition and heritage, something she was missing as an Evangelical Christian who was accustomed to converted-industrial-park megachurches and rock-and-roll praise songs.

Eventually she found racism, classism and sexism within Judaism unbearable, which led her to Unitarian Universalism (where she also found “green-washed” classism and ideological elitism) and then to progressive Protestantism (where she found crippling denominational bureaucracy and church politics).

Willow served as an ordained priest in a couple of minor spin-off Reformed Catholic churches from 2005 to 2007. During that time, she served as the Oregon state representative for the denominational office (the formal title was the Episcopal Vicar of Oregon), worked to establish congregations in Portland area and to strengthen the denomination’s presence in the Pacific Northwest, and worked to introduce aspects of Christian feminist theology and liberation theology to the otherwise conservative East Coast denomination. This was seen as a heresy and ultimately she was expelled from the church. Around this time she was also a Benedictine Oblate affiliated with the Sacred Heart Monastery of Yankton, South Dakota, as well as with the Benedictine Way autonomous group of Grace Memorial Episcopal Church, Portland, Oregon.

In recent years Willow has been influenced by the New Thought movement, initially as a subject of her academic research and later as she began incorporating its teachings into her life to witness many transformations. She has been since January 2016 a member of Unity, as well.

A long-time resident of northwestern Oregon since 1997, Willow have been involved with some of the locally-based Neo-Pagan organizations in the past and present, including now defunct Full Circle Temple as well as SisterSpirit.

In 2011, she also founded and organized what was then known as the Interfaith Guild of Chaplains, a group loosely affiliated with the Protest Chaplains and the Occupy Wall Street movement. In this capacity, she brought together ministers and seminarians representing a wide range of faith traditions and put together over 20 different services, both interfaith and tradition-specific, during the 40 days of Occupy encampment.

While Willow considers herself to be a Centrist Democrat (formerly known as Christian Democrats) in political matters and is a member of the American Solidarity Party, she is strongly rooted in feminism and is always mindful of how patriarchy and gender affect the society at large, as well as her own thinking and behaviors. Her political inspirations include Eva Peron, Dorothy Day, and more contemporary, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

She is presently pursuing her Master of Divinity degree in feminist theology which is expected in 2017. In addition, her experiences include non-profit management and leadership, community organizing, and journalism.

Aside from work in the field of religious feminism, Willow is a mid-career fine artist, as well as a consultant in the field of microenterprise and nonprofit management.

As of July 2016, she is a licensed priestess affiliated with Belladonna Sanctuary, a California 501(c)(3) religious organization. Her ministries focus on women who live in the margins of society and those who are alienated by both conventional patriarchal religions as well as by many of modern-day women’s spirituality organizations.

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La Artemisa wiki

On October 21, 2016, La Artemisa created a wiki section on its website to provide more in-depth resources and educational materials, in addition to articles about some of our new programs. (Please note the new location as of December 22, 2016.)

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What La Artemisa is up to

La Artemisa is an organic and informal community rather than a highly organized church. We facilitate and support formations of localized Goddess-centric religious feminist communities by providing information, resources, and education. In the near future (as need arises) this website will include more interactive and participatory features to encourage mutual support and lively discussions. Right now we are starting small and simply.

What Willow offers

In my capacity as a religious minister, I am also offering some of the services typically provided by one:

  • Personal customized liturgies and rituals: Goddess-centric, with adaptations possible to incorporate different cultural and religious traditions.
  • Educational events and study groups on thealogy and religious feminism.
  • Consultation on inter-religious communications and collaborations.
  • Limited pastoral counseling and support, or simply listening ears.
  • Personal healing rites and rites of passage: with specific focus on LGBTQAIP and neurodiverse communities.
  • Hands-on healing.
  • Personal prayer support.

Additionally, I support emerging communities, groups, and congregations through facilitated brainstorming sessions, branding, digital marketing, volunteer management, and much more. For more information about these services, visit limeadestand works.


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Requests for prayers are held confidentially for 30 days, however, there is no need for you to include too many details or identifying information. Generally it is more helpful to focus on what you would like to accomplish than on current problems and circumstances.