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Limeadestand Works and Micro-Revolution Academy welcome you to join this new do-it-yourself movement to reclaim our lives. Through our micro-enterprise support services and training programs, we equip ordinary individuals like you to achieve social and economic self-determination, amplify your own voice, and experience personal power and pride in yourself. With our small business marketing and consulting services, as well as our Academy where we build a community of learners and emerging entrepreneurs, we are committed to liberating your sparks. Together, we are the standard-bearers of the micro-enterprise revolution in every community.

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Take the first step toward self-determination today by signing up for our free weekly newsletter. The newsletter is packed with our weekly digest of useful and actionable information you can use right away to start building your own business from scratch. We teach working-class and low-income individuals how to turn their talents into income with anywhere between $10 to $250 in start-up expenses. Classes are held frequently in Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.

As an introduction to what we do, and our thanks to you for joining us, we will give you a free electronic copy of our newest book, Everyone's Guidebook to Highly-Portable Entrepreneurship. You can start a business anywhere, anytime, literally out of your backpack. In this 48-page book we teach you how to get it started today. The book normally sells for $5.

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