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The Brand Communications Specialist: Limeadestand Works amplifies your unique entrepreneurial voice by curating your story. Everybody has sparks and stories within; we turn ordinary individuals into extraordinary entrepreneurs on their paths to their own economic, social, spiritual, and political revolutions by turning your visions into a clear, consistent brand.

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Founded in 2016, Limeadestand Works is a micro-enterprise brand communications specialist based in the Tualatin Valley/Portland Metro and South Columbia County regions of Oregon. This year, we also have launched the Micro-Revolution Academy, a group-based and private educational and informational program to equip low-income and disadvantaged community members to start their own micro business for as low as $25 in start-up capital.

Limeadestand Works and the Micro-Revolution Academy are logical extensions of S.A. Morrigan, the president and founder, who spent most of her adulthood in religious ministries and later, community and political organizing. More than just a business, we are first and foremost a vehicle for self-liberation, restoration of human dignity, and grass-roots socioeconomic justice actions.

This website is presently undergoing a major renovation and will soon feature more stories about us and services we offer. In the mean time, we invite you to check out our blog, and subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming events and special offers.

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