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The mission of limeadestand works is to make human dignity and liberties a reality for every human being, in which every person may express their fullest potentials within the context of a free, inclusive, vibrant, and civil community. limeadestand works educates and equips individuals on the edge and in the middle alike to empower themselves with their own hands, creating economic and social opportunities where none may even exist. Hypermicroenterprises and grassroots community organizing are the tools of choice, and limeadestand works specifically focuses on practical, DIY solutions and ‘lifehacks’ that can be implemented by anyone, regardless of present socioeconomic circumstances.

the limeadestand way, with twist.

Do you remember your first lemonade stand on a summer day? For many children in North America, lemonade stand is a timeless rite of passage where they experience aspects of market economy, neighborhood engagement, social skills, and money skills. Yet, it is meant to be a playful, fun activity. For the first time, children learn that they can work toward a goal.

Today, American society is marked by ever-growing gap between the rich and the poor and erosion of the middle class. In this economic condition, those who live on the margins of society at intersections of disadvantages are not only experiencing poverty, but also an erosion of human dignity and respect. Yet, as I look around the world I see signs of indomitable human spirit. In North Korea, a highly authoritarian socialist state where capitalism and private property are ostensibly outlawed, enterprising people learned to survive starvation by opening jang madang, or open-air markets. While government initially cracked down on jang madang in numerous futile attempts and denied its existence in public, now even high-ranking party and military officials are running side businesses of their own, leading international media to coin the word Pyonghattan to describe the subculture of Pyongyang’s nouveau riche who make millions in real estate or foreign trade. In the favelas of Brazil, villas of Argentina, impoverished neighborhoods of South Africa, many people have improved the quality of their lives through microenterprise, often with help of a U.S.- or European-based NGOs offering microloans. Even in American prisons, there are inmates who gain significant income by running a clandestine business behind bars, often using candy bars as de facto currency of choice, despite such practices being strictly forbidden by prison administrations. If they can do it, anyone can.

The origin of limeadestand works traces back to my life as a former community organizer among Portland’s homeless and poor. In 2011, I joined the second class of Dorothy Day Community School, a program of Sisters Of The Road to train political activists and community organizers. As part of the learning, I co-founded an organization called the Jaguar Sisters, whose mission (among several others) was to create alternative economic opportunities for women who are exiting survival prostitution. From the fall of 2011 through spring of 2015, I was heavily involved in the Occupy movement, first organizing an interfaith chaplains’ group, then ultimately served as a member of the board of directors of the Friends of Occupy Portland, Inc., a nonprofit organization that served as a clearinghouse for the diversifying movement. Along with these experiences, I have learned and honed my community organizing and volunteer management skills, and while doing so, I have also experienced a time of introspection and disillusion. In particular, I noticed the death of human spirit among the poorest within the movement. They were angry and busy protesting, placing blames on everything around them. They had also developed an over-enlarged sense of entitlement, while they contributed very little if at all to the organization. Then I looked at the social service organizations and activist organizations who purported to speak for the homeless and those who live in absolute poverty: their idea of “independence” was life of dependence on government welfare, and their idea of “human rights” stopped at asking politicians for a right to be homeless. Nobody talked about developing economic opportunities or finding ways to restore their self-respect, human dignity, and ultimately liberties.

limeadestand works is an educational and informational media producer and consultancy that seek to accomplish just that. Its goal is to inspire self-empowerment and self-liberation through teaching DIY methods to both entrepreneurship (economic rights) and community organizing (social rights). Its approach is “start small from where you are, creatively and innovatively making the best use of resources you already have.” In particular, limeadestand works recommends so-called “bakery model” of self-financing hypermicroenterprises, a sole proprietorship with no employees and minimal overhead, primarily intended to generate income for its owner’s living expenses.).

the limeadestand spirit.

The spirit of limeadestand works is that of DIY lifehackers, and that of rebels who take matters into their own hands for their own freedom. First and foremost limeadestand works incites and inspires, and then provides resources and know-how that anyone can implement, via education and consulting it offers. At the same time, limeadestand works believes in curiosity, playfulness, continuous learning, and enjoying the process. While helping people achieve their goals is important, its approach is that of taking it all as a fun journey of discovery as they improve the quality of their own lives – and more importantly, reclaim dignity and self-respect, with their own minds and hands.

the unique approach.

Unlike most business consultants in existence today, limeadestand works is inclusive and willing to work with those who are at the edge of society, regardless of their class, levels of education, or socioeconomic circumstances. It does not wait until somebody has money or possesses sufficient credit history. limeadestand works is for those who are experiencing absolute poverty and live under intersections of systemic oppressions, as much as for those who had a successful career and middle-class comfort who are seeking a new life as an entrepreneur or a non-profit organizer. “Meeting people where they are,” “walking a mile together in their shoes,” and “start where they are, at their current capacity” are all important philosophies that drives limeadestand works. It does not talk of a pie in the sky; it proposes a scalable and individualizable plan that can be used today, adapted to one’s specific circumstances.
Furthermore, limeadestand works is a voice of advocacy and community-building. It takes advantage of the connections cultivated with business communities, civic leaders, and opinion leaders to champion those who live on the edge.

about me


a few interesting facts

  • I’m a graduate student (M.Div.) majoring in feminist theology. It is taking very long.
  • I lived in a tent at a park in downtown Portland for 41 days during the Occupy protest, from the first day to the very end.
  • I have been to all five U.S. states on the Pacific Ocean, plus the Province of British Columbia.
  • The longest phone call of all time: 12 hours, in September 1995.
  • Very few people can tell my age (almost always way, way off).
  • I speak many languages, including one with less than 1,000 speakers, and one I am the only speaker existing on earth (I’m going to change that!).
  • I am also a working fine artist with many years of history.
  • I have been a vegan for over 21 years (since 1995!) straight and counting!
  • I have also been a model on and off for artists and photographers, not as often as in the past.
  • I was an ordained priest for a small breakaway denomination from March 2005, and almost promoted to a bishop, until the archbishop and I got into argument over my calling out sexism, homophobia, and corruption in the church.
  • Birthday: June 6.
  • Religious affiliations: Belladonna Sanctuary, Unity of Portland, and SisterSpirit.
  • Religious and spiritual influences: Evangelical Protestantism (Baptist and Pentecostal), broad-church Anglicanism, Judaism, monastic traditions (namely Benedictines), religious feminism, Goddess spirituality, New Thought movement
  • Political affiliation: American Solidarity Party (formerly known as the Christian Democratic Party of the USA)
  • Political orientation: Centrist on most issues, somewhat libertarian (Mary Ruwart) leaning on certain issues, inspired both by the works of classical U.S. conservatives (Russell Kirk and Robert Nisbet, in particular) and by Peronism-Kirchnerism of Argentina. It’s pretty much outside the U.S. right-left paradigm.

Read more here and here, or see my artwork.
For information about my religious ministries and work, check out the website of La Agrupación Artemisa.

Technical stuff about this website:

This website is created using Jekyll, which makes use of Sass for generating CSS3, and Liquid templating language to eliminate repetitive HTML editing. Unlike Content Management Servers (CMS) such as Drupal and Wordpress, it requires no database server, and the rendering of website is done locally on my computer, which runs Ruby to process Jekyll. This allows contents to be created quickly using Markdown using text editors such as Sublime Text – highly recommended – instead of having to write HTML5 files each and every single time. The entire structure of the generated website then is copied to webserver using FTP (I’m using glynn for this).

The website layout and design are based on the works of Adrian Till and are licensed under MIT License.


limeadestand works is primarily educational and informational. We do not offer legal advice or practice law on behalf of clients, nor do we provide accounting or tax services. Rather, it connects clients to well-curated and critically examined information and resources to do those things on their own, at their own risk and responsibilities. Furthermore, limeadestand works does not provide financing or microloans. This is not a financial institution. Readers of this website or any publication, subscribers of the limeadestand works newsletter, those who engage with limeadestand works on social media, and clients are ultimately responsible for any outcome and agree to entirely indemnify limeadestand works, its owner (Sarah-Andrea A. Morrigan), and any of its partners, associates, vendors and contractors from any and all liabilities arising from use and misuse of any services, resources and information provided through limeadestand works.

The business services offered through limeadestand works are intended for residents of the Greater Portland (Ore.)-Vancouver (Wash.)-Hillsboro (Ore.) Combined Statistical Area (as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau), which includes Columbia and Yamhill Counties of Oregon. While you may find informational and educational materials found on this site useful to your particular situations, due to vagaries in local social and economic conditions as well as variations in local laws and regulations, they may not be applicable elsewhere.

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