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[book cover: everyone's guidebook to highly-portable entrepreneurship]

In this modern age, you can start and run your own business from anywhere -- whether you are a world traveler, couch-surfing, or homeless. Even if you only have little money and don't have any way to borrow money, you can capitalize on your own creativity, talents, and resourcefulness to start building your very own independent micro-enterprise. Beyond merely a way to earn extra income, micro-enterprise can be a powerful source of personal power, dignity, and self-determination. In this book, I outline ways to start and run your own business anytime, anywhere, right now. Read this, become an entrepreneur, and join me in the Micro-Revolution movement to transform our society one person at a time.

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Micro-Entrepreneurs' Club (online peer support, networking, and information exchange, free membership!)

This is an online club for aspiring and growing micro-entrepreneurs. Membership pre-requisite: past or current enrollment in the Micro-Revolution Academy program (including any free program), or past or current client of Limeadestand Works.

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