Visit our virtual branch

While Limeadestand Works and the Micro-Revolution Academy primarily serve the communities of Tualatin Valley, Greater Portland, and South Columbia County regions of Oregon, we also maintain a "virtual branch" location inside Second Life.

The virtual branch opened in early April 2017 in Tuliptree near the railroad depot--the same neighborhood the now-president and founder of Limeadestand Works once operated a virtual presence for another organization some 11 years in prior (when neither Facebook nor Twitter was a thing for most people).

At the moment, we are not creating specific service packages or academy programs for Second Life entrepreneurs (although, it remains a great place for digital artists and programmers to at least experiment with micro-entrepreneurship if not generating some substantial income despite the initial fad had long ended), but you are invited to stop by for a visit.

Many educators have long seen potentials for the Second Life platform--indeed, several universities and schools have their own virtual locations there, including the Oregon State University (the Second Life OSU campus is impressive!). In the near future, we might even offer select Micro-Revolution Academy programs geared toward the Second Life community, as well.

Limeadestand Works/Micro-Revolution Academy SL Virtual Branch

Location: Tuliptree (14, 115, 29) -- We're located at Lot 6 of the Ravenglass Tuliptree community near the VRC Headquarters monorail station. Look for a house with a palm tree and a purple-leaf tree in front of it.

Map of location in Tuliptree

Newcomers to Second Life start here (Note: Due to policies implemented by the land owner, visitors must have "payment info on file" with Linden Labs in order to enter the area. This means you will have to have a credit/debit card linked to your Second Life account for the purpose of identity verification, but it does not cost money to use Second Life.)

New: OSgrid

We are establishing another virtual outpost in the OSgrid. Unlike the Tuliptree location, this one is a kind of "virtual retreat" in a serene rural setting on a remote island. On June 13, 2017 we have acquired a small plot of land (0.9 acre!) in Mervaada, now christened "La Estancia SalceƱa." In the meanwhile, if you are an OSgrid resident, look for Willow Artemisa or stop by at Mervaada (125, 40, 21).

Newcomers to OSgrid start here

View of La Estancia Salcenia from the offshore.

Download a viewer

In order to access Second Life and OSgrid you need a metaverse viewer, which allows you to interact with the 3D virtual spaces. For desktop computers, we recommend Singularity Viewer (Linux, Windows, and MacOS both 32-bit and 64-bit).

For an older or slower computer, or if your Internet access is limited due to bandwidth caps (e.g. mobile broadband), Radegast Metaverse Viewer provides limited basic functionalities. (Windows or Linux only.) For Android smartphones and tablets, Lumiya Viewer is the best option by far.