Overview of the Micro-Revolution Academy

The Micro-Revolution Academy, a program of limeadestand works, is a brainchild of president and founder S.A. Willow Morrigan. The roots of the Academy program are in her previous work as a community organizer with women experiencing homelessness and/or extreme poverty. She understood the power of micro-enterprise in creating alternative sources of income for women who are often forced into sex trade, and/or for women whose abilities to gain conventional employment were extremely limited due to their disabilities, criminal histories (often for nothing more than merely being homeless, being addicted, or for being at a wrong place at a wrong time), or lack of housing and identification papers (many homeless Americans and women who are victims of domestic violence cannot easily obtain an ID let alone two pieces of them).

Beyond merely an avenue for legal and honest income, micro-enterprise for them is a path to dignity, pride, personal power, and self-respect. At the Academy, we teach the fundamentals of starting and operating what we call a "hyper-micro-enterprise" (a single-person, often portable, small business that can be started with an initial capital of $25 to $500) in a supportive and peer-driven community of learners, or individually one-on-one. We are unique in solving the problem of many disadvantaged people on the margins of society (who do not often have access to banking, credit, and/or capital) through innovative thinking rooted in the founder's deep understanding and cultural competency in three distinct worlds: the skid row, the non-profit sector, and the business world. The Academy's curriculum translates and adapts the best of today's small business knowledge and practices in a way that is relevant, understandable, and actionable for those who have little or no prior background in business, managerial, or executive careers.

The Academy offers a series of tiered entry-level, intermediate, and advanced training courses, at prices that are affordable. Our group-based, hands-on courses allow us to keep the prices low in comparison with limeadestand works' regular micro-business consulting and support services that are offered to the more affluent segment.

Community-based programs

From time to time, we also offer free workshops at various community events. Additionally, we are happy to bring a class to you if your community organization, social service agency, church, business, or activist group is willing to host it. We only ask that you do provide a venue, do your own promotion, and guarantee minimum attendance.

Upcoming workshops

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