The online peer support group for aspiring and growing micro-entrepreneurs of Micro-Revolution Academy!

Everyone who participates in the Micro-Revolution Academy program in some ways is cordially invited to our new Microenterprise Revolutionaries club. We have moved the operation from Google Plus as of May 1, 2017, and now we are on (private messages are now encrypted!).

How to join

  1. Go to and register (or, optionally, "Migrate from Facebook").
  2. Find Willow at @thewillow. Subscribe to @thewillow.
  3. Send a private message to @thewillow.
  4. She will manually have to invite you into the group (this is why it is necessary for you to subscribe to her, or she won't be able to add you).
  5. Optional: Download the Android or iOS app to follow group discussions on the go.
  6. To log into the group, go to the group directly, or for an easier-to-remember address, use


  • Who can join?: Anyone who has registered for or attended any of the Micro-Revolution Academy events, has requested one of our free or paid digital contents, or subscribed to our email newsletter. Additionally, any current or past client of Limeadestand Works is welcome.
  • Is this free?: The club is intended as a tool for follow-up support for those who have participated in our Academy program. There is no additional membership fee to be part of this club.
  • Why did you move it from Google Plus?: While almost everyone I know has a Google account by the virtue of Android usage or Gmail, Google Plus is unfamiliar to many people and its user interface is a bit confusing. At the same time, we prefer a platform that is not as noisy and busy as Facebook. While migration to can cause a moderate initial learning curve, there are many advantages to this social network, one of which is better privacy (private messages are encrypted using a private key separate from account password).
  • Can I invite my friends?: Invite them to our newsletter or free contents first (or even better, to one of our workshops!). In order to ensure that discussions are of good quality, we do this to make sure that everyone in this club at least has some basic prerequisite knowledge.