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(Sarah-Andrea Amy 'Willow' Morrigan, founder and owner of limeadestand works)


Welcome to limeadestand works.

limeadestand works is a unique social enterprise based in northwestern Oregon dedicated to advocate for your social and economic rights in these changing and challenging times.

Our focus is on aspiring and new entrepreneurs on their paths to hyper-microenterprise. In other words, they are mostly solopreneurs (one-person independent business).

limeadestand works offers both training programs for those who are considering independent entrepreneurship and those who are relatively new to business. These programs are practical and ideal for:

  • those who are low-income or may not have means to obtain financing (loans)
  • those who are out of the conventional job market for a variety of reasons such as disabilities, inability to hold onto a job, or past criminal history
  • those who desire to create alternative income streams through creative endeavors such as art and craft

In addition, limeadestand works provides a variety of small business marketing, branding, and other services on an affordable monthly retainer or a per-project fee basis. These services include:

  • digital presence management: websites, social media, content marketing
  • branding: brand design, graphics
  • small event management
  • content development: custom contents (blog/newsletter “filler” articles), publication design, writing
  • facilitated brainstorming sessions
  • community organizing and volunteer management for small-size non-profits, events, and groups

limeadestand works primarily serves South Columbia County and Greater Portland Metropolitan Region in Oregon.

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