Consumer advisory pursuant to ORS 345.015 and ORS 348.594(2) for Oregon residents (important!)

“Microrevolution Academy” refers to a series of proprietary informational and educational materials produced by Sarah-Andrea A. Morrigan dba limeadestand works, and associated private, informal small-group support programs that are aimed towards discovering self-empowering lifestyle options for its participants.

Microrevolution Academy does NOT:

  • confer any degree or certificate
  • offer any academic credit or transcript
  • teach industry-specific career skills or trade

Participation in this program does NOT:

  • guarantee or imply any promise of financial compensation or employment opportunities

It is neither a “school” nor a “career school” under the definition of the relevant statutes, but rather is simply a self-directed, facilitated learning platform supported by peer-oriented small groups.

“Microrevolution Academy” is a servicemark of S.A. Morrigan dba limeadestand works in Oregon. This program is offered in no small part as its author's expressions of political and religious beliefs, and as such, is a constitutionally protected speech and expression according to the case laws of Oregon.

Every person who participates in this program must explicitly attest to understanding this and take full responsibility for whatever they may or may not do with what they learn in this program.

(End CYA legalese)