Reminder: Free 1-hour workshop on Saturday, March 25

Welcome to the Micro-Revolution Academy!

Since the inception of the limeadestand works, my passion was for those who occupy the social and economic margins within our communities.

While I have been servicing high-end clients who are more affluent, including my flagship project Estancia Serenova, my desire is to serve more people who are unemployable, low-income, and/or members of an oppressed class.

The idea that now sees its fruition under the name limeadestand works began as part of the Jaguar Sisters community organization, in which I sought to help unhoused women who are on their way to exit survival sex work. I have never abandoned my social mission and will not do so for the sake of cash.

At the same time, however, I fully recognize the physical limitations of my own capacity and responsibilities for making this enterprise financially sustainable.

To this end, I have formulated a model in which a larger number of clients can be served at an affordable price, while at the same time, can build a community and forge lifetime friendships.

Five years ago, I was engaged in the Occupy Portland encampment, known as the largest Occupy encampment in the world at the time, encompassing three city blocks and population of more than 500 Occupiers from all walks of life.

One of the most inspiring experiences of the Occupy movement was the spirit of DIY – taking the “revolution” into one's own hands. Many people on the margins of society, perhaps for the first time in their lives, found meaning and purpose in life and gained a sense of pride in themselves.

Whether the Occupy movement had a lasting political impact on the larger scale may be debatable, but on this very small, individual level, the revolution already has happened.

In Micro-Revolution Academy, I would like to rekindle that spirit of DIY to start the flame of “micro-revolution,”“ an individual-level social and economic transformation.

limeadestand works has helped small business startups to formulate and execute their branding and marketing strategies, as well as to assist in overall business planning. This service, however, is work-intensive and costs can be overwhelming for those who are on the lower income scale.

To overcome this challenge to accomplish limeadestand works social mission, and to do so without getting clients into any debt, limeadestand works created Micro-Revolution Academy, a guided and faciliated learning program that would empower clients to do much of the work themselves but supported by frequent professional guidance and feedback, as well as by formation of a mutually supportive peer community (a “mastermind” learning group).

Currently limeadestand works is developing a comprehensive curriculum based on the expertise it now offers to higher-end clients, and will be gradually rolling out programs by December 2016.

In addition, some of the Micro-Revolution Academy groups will be geared towards specific population and interests, to address specific social, economic, and personal challenges they face, for example:

  • Academy for Artists and Crafters
  • Academy for Community Organizations
  • Academy for Worker-Owned Collectives
  • Academy Mile Zero Program, specially for those who are experiencing homelessness and/or extreme poverty

Those who complete the basic Micro-Revolution Academy program will progress (at their option) into an “Advanced Academy,” a project-based mentorship program.

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