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The "What": our value proposition and unique selling points

Limeadestand Works equips free-spirited artists and makers to establish powerful brands so that they will achieve excellence as entrepreneurial creators who will impact society and culture.

Limeadestand Works was founded in 2016.

Its mission is to provide the kind of brand communication, digital marketing, and public relations capacities that large corporations employ, to solopreneurs and microenterprises at prices they can afford, on flexible and scalable terms. Always attuned to the current trends, Limeadestand MediaWorks incorporates the latest best practice in brand and public relations just like the high-end agencies serving the major corporations. Limeadestand Works continues to evolve as it equips and empowers independent creators to take an entrepreneurial approach to their creative activities in order to maximize their culture-making impact and in order to be better compensated for their work.

The "Big Why": vision and mission

In this challenging time in human history, everything seems to be in flux. While many look to national politics and government leadership for social change, real change happens first at the cultural level.

The ancient religious and philosophical traditions and modern scholarship in social science alike confirm the truth that words, symbols, and imageries we use shape the destinies of human societies.

Artists, crafters, makers, writers, and entrepreneurs are the culture-makers who influence our futures from the ground up as they create, innovate, and changes the narratives.

Limeadestand Works traces its roots to when many community-driven projects were born following the Occupy Wall Street movement in the heady autumn of 2011. The founder, one of the key organizers of the Occupy movement after the demise of its encampment, personally experienced the challenges of organizing among the disempowered and marginalized populations.

At the very core, the founder discovered that what distinguishes between a meaningful living and merely surviving through the motions and daily routines boils down to one thing: the indomitable human spirit that rejects the negative narratives fed by society.

In the end, organizations and individuals thrive on the narratives that build up. As sociologists have long known, the "realities" we experience are largely affected by our perceptions and interpretations of events and circumstances.

The founder left the activist community organizing in the spring of 2015 and embarked on a quest to facilitate "micro-revolutions," turning those who cannot easily fit into Corporate America into independent entrepreneurs. After all, solopreneurs are the ultimate form of worker-owned businesses.

Statement of values

Limeadestand Works aspires to live up to the highest standard of ethical integrity, insisting on non-aggressive, non-exploitative, and non-oppressive business practices.

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Specialties and affinities

Limeadestand Works specializes in the community of artists, makers, crafters, and DIYers -- as well as other solopreneurs who serve that community.

Anyone who is interested in turning their creative sparks into a sustainable income stream will benefit from what Limeadestand Works has to offer. We also specialize in multicultural and crosscultural businesses, grass-roots community organizations, small-sized faith-based communities, and small-sized worker cooperatives.

Believing in the future potentials of blockchain technologies and decentralized digital communities as a vehicle for freedom, we also reach out to artists, crafters, and other solopreneurs who are blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Our global marketplaces are now online on OpenBazaar, OmniBazaar, and Origin Protocol.

We are a proud minority- and queer-owned business.


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About Willow


Hello. I'm Willow. Hi, beautiful beings!

I'm that quiet, nerdy, artsy, bookish kid in the corner of the classroom that you remember when you were in your fifth grade, that underperforming misfit in class whom you wouldn't know about their genius.

I'm an enigma, or as someone who once said to me, a rare wildflower one would not find until they'd hiked a distance through rugged terrains.

For those who care about factoids like these, I'm an INTP, a "loyalist" (or "defender," 6w5) enneagram archetype, a Gemini sun with a Taurus moon; a queer non-binary femme who is on the autistic spectrum (and was not diagnosed as such until I was 18), who was considered a gifted child at age 3 (enrolled in a special preschool for gifted kids) but I began flunking school by the time I was 10 (I hated the "normal" school I had to go to).

I think I have always been a born rebel and a free spirit.

Being equipped with an "abnormal" brain comes with a certain advantage, such as attention to details, undying commitment to integrity and core values, abilities to perceive things in ways that most people cannot see, and out-of-the-box creativity that is not bound by social conventions.

I have created my own life and charted my own independent path for over four decades (even though I don't look that "old" to most people!). Along the way, I've helped other people do the same and learned many new things because of all the experiences I had.

One of the things I learned when I was a community organizer was that narratives matter. Whoever controls the words and stories controls the world. Words and thoughts are amazingly powerful. After a few years of organizing among some of the most marginalized populations in the city, my work evolved and took me to what truly empowers the everyday people: entrepreneurship.

I founded Limeadestand Works in 2016 to elevate the standards of microenterpreneurs so they can get their stories out in a way they can be proud of -- and be received by the world around them with respect. I brought my background in journalistic writing, graphic design, and fine art to build one-of-its-kind boutique brand and content services to aspiring and emerging entrepreneurs in the Greater Portland (Oregon) region.

To me, this is more than just a business. This is my way of building a community of culture-makers. I hope you will join me.