Creative Liberation Union

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Join the movement of free spirits, culture-makers, and sovereign creators.

The Creative Liberation Union (CLU) is a brand-new group of creators who are committed for culture-making through ethical and socially-conscious entrepreneurship. As Limeadestand {Media|Art}Works shifts its focus toward community-building and relationship-based support of independent artists, crafters, and makers, the CLU is the heart and soul of Limeadestand {Media|Art}Works' activities.

Most services and products from Limeadestand {Media|Art}Works are only available to CLU members or those referred to us by a CLU member. This allows us to spend more time with those who share our values and visions instead of wasting fruitless time and money on marketing to general public.

As a member, you will get:

  • an access to CLU's own private Discord server, where members can network and chat any time of the day.
  • a free weekly 15-minute session with Willow on Discord (subject to time availability).
  • a private Keybase team
  • a listing in our online directory (to be published).
  • subscription to a members-only email newsletter, which is packed with useful information and resources.
  • invitations to members-only events (for Portland metropolitan region members).

How to join

Joining is easy. Simply fill out the form below. Be sure to select "Creative Liberation Union membership" (and any other subscription options you desire), and also check the "Email" box.

Once we get your subscription request, we will follow up with a personal email, which also contains an invitation to the Discord server and the Keybase team.

There are no initiation fee and no membership dues.

What is Discord?

Discord is a secure, end-to-end encrypted online communication and collaboration platform. It is best known among gamers, but we've chosen this platform because of its high privacy protection, robust features, user interface, and its ability to create topic-based chat groups. Discord is free to use, and you can either download a Discord app or use its Web-based interface. In addition, it can be used for private one-on-one messaging, as well as for VOIP phone calls.

What is Keybase?

Like Discord, Keybase is also an encrypted secure communication tool. Keybase includes private team chat, one-on-one chat, filesharing, and free cloud storage of up to 250 Gigabytes. Keybase has a nice mobile app that is easy to use.


More questions?

Check out the FAQ page.