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Our Eight Superpowers!

Most businesses these days have a "value statement" but here at Limeadestand Works, we have "eight superpowers"!

These "superpowers" represent what Limeadestand Works and its brands stand for and care about, and the values they hope to impart to their customers and the community at large.

Superpower 1: Liberty.


At heart, liberty is our highest ideal -- and it starts with our minds' intentions to be free. Here at Limeadestand Works, free-thinkers and free-spirited people will find home! Our works ultimately lead to a creative liberation of cultures, societies, economy, and political system -- and we make a small stride toward that goal each and every day.

Superpower 2: Solidarity.


Freedom is the timeless quest of the humankind and is also the cardinal superpower that birthed Limeadestand Works. Yet, no one is free unless everyone is free. We cannot succeed or prosper at the expense of others, and our successes are not ours to keep just for the purpose of self-gratification. Solidarity calls us away from self-exaltation and self-centeredness. Solidarity is our recognition of common, shared humanity.

Superpower 3: Creativity.


We approach our everyday problems and world's challenges alike with creativity, however small differences we can make. Everything starts with a small creative spark, every day.

Superpower 4: Reason.


Dreams and passion serve no good unless they are tempered with reason. We encourage critical thinking, scientific reasoning, intelligence, and questioning what is taken for granted. We reject irrational emotionalism and irresponsible decision-making disguised as "following one's heart."

Superpower 5: Justice.


Justice does not mean order; rather, it means doing that which is right even when it disrupts the existing social norms and doing that which is right even when nobody is looking. Justice must be equitable, and we work toward a world that works for everyone. Our works must contribute to a more just society.

Superpower 6: Ethics.


We prosper when we consider the impacts of our business and behaviors on others and on the planet upon which we live. We strive for the highest level of social and business ethics in our dealings and in our messaging.

Superpower 7: Curiosity.


Learning never stops at Limeadestand Works. It's never too late for anyone to learn a new thing, or try something new. Love of discovery and learning are products of insatiable curiosity, which leads to innovation, inventions, creativity, and youthful dispositions in life. We learn from other cultures, and we learn from those who are younger than we are. We also learn from our past heritage and traditions. We value youthful curiosity that deconstructs the "ways that things have always been" along with their classist, ageist, racist, sexist, and heteronormative cultural norms.

Superpower 8: Playfulness.


Let's have fun! Childlike minds are terrible things to lose. Playfulness is the twin sibling of curiosity. Life is meant to be playful, and it's important to give ourselves a permission to play. Some of the greatest innovations come from play.