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Sometimes I'm a forest fairy, but mostly just a crazy cat lady.

(Art by Shelley Pearson, 2013.)

Hi there. I'm Willow. I'm not interested in turning this page into a cheesy, cliche-filled "about me," "me, me, me" page. Self-exaltation is overrated, and sadly, too many entrepreneur types do it online. I dislike it much.

Imagine a free-spirited kid who is unusually intelligent for their age. That was me at age 3. I went to a Dalton School, the veritable "Children's University." I was into astronomy and geography.

This kid grew up, staring at maps on the walls and often be the first to notice a typo. A big, thick road atlas became their favorite book when they were 10. The kid learned, at last, to ride a bike at age 11 and loved the freedom of exploring different neighborhoods.

By that time they were reading Chinese classics and theological treatises, (adult) books on linguistics, and were trilingual.

That was me.

I imagined a different world, and my imagination was so vivid and detailed that I could write news articles, atlases, and legal papers about it explaining how that world worked.

In retrospect, I was at least 70 years ahead of my time even then.

In middle school, I picked up fine art. I hated school but the art studio and the art club were my oases. I went on to an alternative, college-prep high school that taught classes at the university level and focused on arts.

I suppose this is a page where I brag about my "adult accomplishments," but intentionally I will skip that part. As a Japanese proverb says, "the spirit of a three-year-old persists till 100." In other words, one's core personality won't really change once they are past their formative years.

Higher education: I studied journalism, religious studies, and ultimately moved on to a post-graduate work in feminist theology (from both Judeo-Christian and Neo-Pagan frameworks).

School of hard knocks: I experienced and survived chronic homelessness, extreme poverty, political activism, community organizing, non-profit organizational politics, living with Christian fundamentalists, and living in a Wiccan commune.

Scholarly pursuits and research interests: a historical and comparative survey of female leadership in the New Thought and Pentecostal movements in the United States. (This will be my master's thesis.) Other research interests of mine include an intersectional critique of women's spirituality movement in the U.S., intersections between queer religious experience and neurodiversity, and tensions between LGBTQ+ identity and ethnic identity within the context of American progressive churches.

Artistic activities: watercolor, illustration, drawing, mixed-media, and occasionally an art model.

I'm a tree fairy, who is an ordained priestess, who is an obsessive crazy cat lady, queer, femme, poly, POC, a moderately anarchist and moderately libertarian, a radical centrist for a radical decentralization, who has quite a lot of respect for Emma Goldman and Eva Peron, Russell Kirk and Nestor Kirchner, and Rosa Luxemburg and Robert Nisbet.

Very few people can guess my age.

You can use either "they" or "she" for a pronoun.

When I die, I will be reborn in a paradise filled with 136 cats.