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Preslar Gallery

Welcome to the Creative Liberation Arts (CL Arts)!

The Creative Liberation Arts (CL Arts) is the emergent artists program of Limeadestand Works, whose flagship project is the Preslar Gallery. In addition, CL Arts operates several other programs, such as the "Art on the Go" program, Columbia River Artists on Bicycles, and professional development classes for artists.

About the Preslar Gallery:

Columbia County, Oregon, is often overlooked as a "flyover" county between the Greater Portland metropolitan area, Longview-Kelso urban area, and the Oregon Coast. As Limeadestand Works' commitment to promoting the social, cultural, professional, and economic developments of the works of artists, crafters, and makers, we operate the Preslar Gallery inside the Alice Tarbell Cultural Space at Estancia Serenova in Yankton, Oregon.

The missions of the Preslar Gallery are:

For more information about the gallery:

Location: 32180 Pittsburg Road, Bldg 400, Saint Helens, Oregon 97051-9147.