Giving back

As a socially-conscious enterprise, giving fulfills our mission.

As a socially-conscious enterprise, giving back to the community fulfills our mission.

Products and services offered to the members and friends of the Creative Liberation Union are priced in a way that it is affordable and accessible, while also (reasonably) covering expenses and allow the business to be financially sustainable.

When Limeadestand Works meets its quarterly sales target and exceeds its financial goals, it gives back to the community by providing free or reduced-price services to those in need.

In addition, members of the Creative Liberation Union can take advantage of the free weekly 15-minute sessions with Willow (subject to time and scheduling availability) on the private Discord server, to seek practical advice, moral support, or for accountability. The membership in the CLU is free of charge or dues.

Monthly donations

A percentage of Limeadestand Works' U.S. dollar-denominated net monthly sales will be donated to a variety of non-profit organizations that reflects its values.

2019 donation schedule:

  • April: Rutherford Institute (civil liberties advocacy and education)
  • May: Electronic Frontier Foundation (privacy and digital freedom)
  • June: Basic Rights Education Fund (LGBTQ+ advocacy)
  • July: Open Media (freedom of speech, media and digital freedom)
  • August: Molinari Institute/Center for Stateless Society (libertarian socialist/mutualist political education)
  • September: ACLU Foundation of Oregon (civil liberties advocacy and education)
  • October: Wikimedia Foundation (educational)
  • November: Causa (immigrant rights)
  • December: Rural Organizing Project (community organizing, anti-racism actions)

(A percentage of sales denominated in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin will be donated to Open Media, Electronic Frontier Foundation, and Wikimedia Foundation throughout the year.)