Global marketplace portal

Limeadestand {Media|Art}Works reaches out to the world.

Welcome to the global marketplace page.

News: May 1, 2019 -- Check out the listings on Freelance for Coins and Fiverr. OpenBazaar is still down. OmniBazaar and Origin Protocol are now back in operation.

In general, Limeadestand Works primarily provides services to members and their friends in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. However, limited services and selections of products are being made available to rest of the world through three online marketplaces: Origin Protocol, OmniBazaar, and OpenBazaar. These marketplaces are decentralized, peer-to-peer e-commerce platforms with community dispute resolution available.

These new decentralized commerce platforms make use of the latest blockchain technologies and empowers anyone to set up their own digital storefront with ease and at low cost.

Through these global marketplaces, we complement our mission by reaching out to free-spirited people around the world, many of whom may not have an easy access to the kinds of services provided here.

In addition, for your convenience, some services are now also available on Fiverr and Freelance for Coins.

Freelance for Coins


OpenBazaar (temporarily closed)

Web-based storefront is available. It is recommended that you download the latest OpenBazaar software, however.

OpenBazaar user name is "helygen" (the Welsh word for Willow!).


OmniBazaar is similar to OpenBazaar. Download your OmniBazaar software first.

OmniBazaar user name is "limeadestandworks".

Origin Protocol

Origin Protocol is a Decentralized App (dApp) built on the Ethereum blockchain. To use Origin, you will need the Metamask Chrome extension (works also for Vivaldi, Opera, Chromium, and Brave browsers) or Firefox add-on. (Mobile version is not available.)

Customer service and language barriers

In addition to the direct message features available through the marketplaces, continuing support and communications will be offered through our private Discord channels, which are open to members of the Creative Liberation Union. It is therefore important that you become a member first (see below for the membership form).

Due to the nature of services offered, a working level of English proficiency ("Business English") is required.

While these marketplaces are open globally, Limeadestand Works products and services are not available in the following jurisdictions: Islamic Republic of Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Syrian Arab Republic, Republic of the Sudan, Republic of Cuba, and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.