Services offered

Brand, copywriting, PR and digital marketing for creative solopreneurs and microenterprises.

Providing top notch brand communication and digital marketing services to DIY solopreneurs

Here at Limeadestand Works, what we have to offer isn't for everybody. We are not here to help those "lifestyle business" people with a questionable level of integrity. This isn't yet another self-styled "business guru" peddling the six-figure pipe dreams. We don't think your "dream life" should be an easy life in Cancun drinking margarita, bragging about it on Instagram, while your "turn-key" system scams money out of desperate, vulnerable people.

Like many others who are finally waking up from the delusions of self-actualization cults and female lifestyle empowerment businesses, we believe that a life that truly matters is a life that is far greater than the total sum of our selves.

Life of service to that which is higher and greater than what we are matters.
Ethical integrity matters.
Solidarity with the oppressed matters.

We are here to equip and support entrepreneurs who are serious about reshaping our culture and impacting our community in a positive and lasting way. We are here to discover and showcase DIYers, artists, crafters, makers, and others who are transforming their creative sparks into a force for change in their own lives and in their communities.

This is where we step in. Limeadestand MediaWorks is here to provide the kind of brand communication services that, until now, only the well-moneyed corporations could afford. Because we focus only on solopreneurs and microenterprises, you know that we spend more quality time with you.

Services and products

  • Branding and rebranding
  • Public relations
  • Brand tune-up
  • Copywriting
  • Developmental editing and copyediting
  • Creative services
  • Digital marketing and social media management


While there are many variables that can affect pricing, we'd also like to be transparent and honest about pricing. Usually, services are priced on a per-project basis instead of the typical hourly billing. The rule of the thumb, however, is that a project is calculated based on estimated hours required times $90. While this may seem a lot for some people, to us the "hourly rate" represents our minimum time commitment to your project. It is not uncommon that we offer extra work for no additional charge whenever possible, subject to time availability and any other projects ongoing (this should be considered a "bonus" and should not be expected for granted).

We are also on Fiverr and beyond!