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Power of self-naming is an ultimate expression of one's personal sovereignty. There is a destiny-altering power in your name and how it looks and sounds. Beyond the surface meanings of a name, how it is perceived also matters in advancing yourself toward a successful life. Yet, not a lot of professional support is available today to those who are undertaking this very important and deeply personal journey. Like businesses and products, the rebranding of yourself deserves careful consideration and expert advice. Limeadestand MediaWorks helped many businesses in the Pacific Northwest to brand their companies and services. Now the same brain power, best practice, and expertise are available to you.

Why do people change names?

From time to time, many people modify or change their names for a variety of reasons.

  • Some immigrants change their names to better fit into their new home country, avoid xenophobic prejudice when looking for jobs or housing (Admittedly, this is sad but it remains a serious problem in America), or because their original names are too difficult for most Westerners to pronounce or remember.
  • Conversely, some people change their names to better reflect their ethnic or cultural heritage.
  • Some name changes are for religious reasons, for example, converting to Islam, Buddhism, or Judaism; conversely, some may want to change their names to leave behind negative experiences in their former faith communities, especially if they are cults or implicated in abusive practices.
  • They may be simply looking for a new beginning following divorce, career change, or other major personal events.
  • To distance oneself from abusive parents or families of origin.
  • To avoid harassment, stalking, or to protect one's privacy.
  • Gender transitions, retransitions, and detransitions.
  • Some believe that changing their names according to numerology or astrology can help improve their outlooks on life.

Many cultures recognized since time immemorial the powers inherent in one's names. For example:

  • Hebrew/Judaic traditions -- The Hebrew Scriptures (Tanach, a.k.a. "The Old Testament") is full of examples of how a person takes a new name when they receive a new calling in life. In Orthodox Judaism, there is a custom of not naming their boys until the eighth day of birth, because it is believed that Lilith may steal the soul of the baby before his circumcision. There is also a custom (among the Ashkenazi Jews) of not naming their babies after a relative who is still alive.
  • Christian traditions -- In historically non-Christian countries, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Anglican churches usually give converts a new Christian name when they are baptized into the faith. In certain monastic communities, it is still a common practice that those who enter the order take a new name in order to distance themselves from their previous, secular lives.
  • Islamic traditions -- While not required, some well-known Muslim converts in the West are known to have changed their names upon conversion (think Sinead O'Connor/Shuhada Davitt and Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam). In Islam, it is believed that one ought to have a "good and honorable names" in the day of judgment before Allah.
  • Chinese traditions -- In China and many parts of East Asia, addressing somebody by their name is usually considered rude (and may bring down curses on the persons addressed, if their names are uttered improperly). The traditions understood that there is a supernatural power behind one's name, and because of this, there was a common practice until about a century ago in which a person had multiple names that were used for different purposes. This custom goes back to Confucius, who emphasized the importance of "rectification of names." In Chinese-speaking world, the numerological values calculated from numbers of strokes (in Chinese characters) of one's name is considered very important in charting one's destiny, and many would-be parents pay an expert a lot of money to make sure that their babies' names add up to "right" numbers.
  • Japanese traditions -- Like in China, numerology of names is taken seriously. In pre-modern Japan, it was common that a person had different names at different stages of their lives (a childhood name, an adult name, and a retired name, as well as a posthumous name given after death). Buddhist monks and priests also change their names when they enter a monastery, when they are ordained, and in some cases when they move from one temple to another.
  • North American indigenous traditions -- While it is inappropriate for me to overgeneralize, Native American nations also have rich traditions around the naming of persons.

My name is so personal, why should I hire someone to come up with a new name?

Your name is so personal, but it is also highly public. It is also both practical and profoundly symbolic. For better or worse, names serve as the primary identifier of a person in both public and private settings. Even if your new name means very positive to you, if it sounds otherwise to others, you will suffer from diminished social experiences and public recognition. Having a set of objective eyes helps you grounded and make a rational decision. After all, a name change is an important decision you will make. Don't be too frivolous. Investing your time and thoughtfulness into your own name change will honor you for many years to come.

Who is this service for?

  • any person who is contemplating a name change for any reason.
  • anyone who is undergoing gender transition, either to another gender or to no gender at all.
  • as well as those who are looking for a great stage name, noms-de-plume, etc.
  • and also parents who are expecting a baby who are at a loss while trying to make up their minds.

Additional specialties:

  • Chinese names for Westerners (doing business in Asia or with the immigrant community).
  • Personal rebranding for professional advancement (People don't take you seriously because of your name? Denied promotions or new jobs because your name sounds funny to them, or reminds them of infamous persons or bad connotations? I can help!).

Why use us?

  • We use the same kind of brand technique and best practices that we've done for businesses to create a perfect name for you!
  • Many people do not think through very well when changing their names, leading to regrets down the road. Doing it "right" before formalizing your name change is a must, as subsequent changes will cost you money and time, as well as creating confusions and paperwork nightmares.
  • We research deeply into the meanings of every letter and word, to ensure that they do not have negative connotations in other cultures or in slangs.
  • We don't just dish out a name and stuff it down your throat. Instead, we co-create with our clients the best names that honor our clients and encapsulate their values and visions; this is more than just a new name, but rather a process of self-discovery and clarification.
  • Some people will evolve and outgrow their new names, while for others, their new names will grow on them as the years pass. Establishing a sense of clarity as for your personal journey will help avoid costly regrets and mistakes.


In the Portland metro region: This service is offered on a sliding-scale basis for those in Portland metropolitan area (range $350 to $50). No one in need will be turned away. Trades and barters are accepted. We can do this in person (better), or over our private Discord server. Usually, the process involves two or three sessions.

Global marketplace: See the listings on the marketplaces for the current rate.

The fees do not include legal and filing fees, such as court fees, notary fees, and DMV fees. This is not a law firm and we do not advise on legal matters related to the judicial and/or administrative change of names, though we can point you out to appropriate resources such as self-help court forms and community law clinics. We do not handle court forms, SSA forms, DMV forms, etc., on your behalf; you are solely responsible for those.

Membership in the Creative Liberation Union is not required for this service as it is intended to be an outreach service.

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