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All prices quoted here are for estimate purposes only and are subject to change depending on individual circumstances. The official rate for all services is $90.00 per billable hour with two hours minimum; any partial hour is rounded down.

Package deal

  1. Start-up brand document package (includes a brand document, a style guide, a set of custom-designed graphics, tag lines and boilerplate blurbs, and a color palette)

    Estimated time: 15-25 hours; Special package price: $700 payable upfront plus $500 due 60 days later.


  1. Press release

    Estimated time: 0.34 per press release; Base: $180.00 (up to 2 hrs 45 minutes)

  2. Brochure, flier, or postcard - copywriting only

    Estimated time: 0.5-1.0 per item; Base: $180.00 (up to 2 hrs 45 minutes)

  3. Copyediting/proofreading

    Estimated time: 1.0 per 10 pages; Base: $180.00 (up to 2 hrs 45 minutes)

  4. Developmental editing

    Estimated time: 1.0 per 4 pages; Base: $180.00 (up to 2 hrs 45 minutes)

  5. Slogans or taglines for branding

    Estimated time: 5.0 per project, plus 2.0 facilitated brainstorming (total 7.0); Base: $630.00

  6. Newsletter (print or email) editorial and articles

    Estimated time: 3.0 per issue (email or 2 printed pages); Base: $270.00 (if you already have your own contents this can go lower); Initial consultation and planning meeting required: $180.00

  7. Social media management and contents

    Estimated time: 1.5 per week with a minimum two-month commitment (per each SNS platform); Base: $540.00/monthly; Add 0.5 per week for any additional platform

  8. Blog initial set-up or reconfiguration

    Estimated time: 2.0 per site (if you require custom designs such as CSS and themes, see below.); Base: $180.00; Initial consultation required: $180.00

  9. Blog contents

    Estimated time: 1.0 per three articles with a minimum two-month commitment (may require a longer time if researches and/or fact-checking are required); Base: $180.00 for three articles


  1. Graphic designs for brands

    Estimated time: 5.0 and up depending on project; Base: $450.00

  2. Simple website (responsive/mobile-first/static) set-up with customized CSS and themes based on pre-coded open-source themes

    Estimated time: 7.0 and up depending on project; Base: $630.00

  3. Custom-branded "memes" for social media use (pack of 10 per project)

    Estimated time: 3.0; Base: $270.00

  4. Infographics

    Estimated time: 1.5 and up depending on project; Base: $180.00

  5. Illustrations

    Estimated time: 1.5 and up depending on project; Base: $180.00

  6. Pre-press layout and PDF generation (postcards, brochures, booklets, business cards, etc.)

    Estimated time: 3.0 and up depending on project; Base: $270.00


  1. Facilitated brainstorming session (2 hours)

    Base: $180.00 per session

  2. Personal Narratives Studio

    First session: $225.00; Follow-up sessions: $90.00

  3. Writing coaching/tutoring, one-on-one

    Base: $180.00 per 2 hour session; Student rate: $60.00 per 2 hour session; ENNL/EFL/ESL learners: $60.00 per 2 hour session


Hourly rate is $90.00, with 2 billable hours minimum. Partial hours past third hour are rounded down to the nearest full billable hour. Project-based rates are calculated based on a minimum-time required estimate plus 15 percent. Any project that runs for more than three months or continues indefinitely will be billed monthly.

Our service fees reflect the reasonable costs to keep our services available to those who need them. Our business model favors a slow yet sustainable growth, and portions of the profit are reinvested into expanding and improving our offerings.

Billable hours represent our minimum time commitment to your project; more often than not, we include "bonus" work on top of invoiced billable hours at no extra cost to you, but this is only as time allows and is not guaranteed. Usually, therefore, our service rate delivers more value to you than it appears.

Any actual and specific expenses related to and arising from the service are your responsibility and are not included in the hourly service rate.

To keep things simple and to keep costs low for everyone, all accounts are conducted on a cash basis. We do not extend trade credit, e.g., net 30. Payments are payable upon invoice. Installment payments are available only for long-term service agreements that go longer than three months.

We do not prey on those who have no money by imposing late fees, early cancellation fees, etc.

Forms of payments accepted:

Creative Liberation Lab learning programs:

Prices and payment policy vary depending on program. Please refer to the learning plans document posted alongside the course descriptions. Most online education programs (Creative Liberation Lab) have tiered pricing ranging from low-cost "limited basic" plan to full-service "professional" plan, each of which with different levels of direct support.

Personal Narratives Studio:

$90.00 per hour. The first session normally runs for 2.5 hours, and subsequent sessions 60 minutes. For more information, please refer to the Personal Narratives Studio page.

Payment plans and arrangements:

Install payments and monthly payments are possible on a case-by-case basis by prior authorization only, and are available only for long-term service agreements that go longer than three months.


Fees are non-refundable.