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Back to thexlogy -- and a new exciting project to announce

May 19, 2018 | Thexlogy

In 2010, I enrolled in a post-graduate theology program. But as the Occupy Wall Street movement began, most of my attention and waking hours went to community organizing and political activism, which went on until three years ago. During that period, I actually lost my interest in thexlogy and religion in general. I was torn inside as to whether I should finish my degree, or I should drop out. After 2015, my focus had once again shifted but nothing quite motivated me to get back to the study again.

The inner shifts that are taking place inside me since last August have taken through more than just another once-in-five-years soulsearching (which seems to happen in that interval, in 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012, and 2017); it was more of a full-blown conversion experience.

In recent days I had a series of experiences that reaffirm my vocation in thexlogy, and a sense of clarity around why I should continue pursuing this field.

This blog is part of this reignited focus on thexlogy.

I recognize now the importance of thexlogy and thexlogical discourse in culture-making. Especially in the United States, religious doctrines and sentiments play an oversized influence in public discourse and ways how Americans articulate their social, ethical, and political values.

The lack of emphasis on thexlogy among the progressives and liberals (who often eschew religions altogether in favor of New Age "spirituality" or smorgasbord of eclectic spiritual practices) has so far done a lot of harm to social justice causes, while the right-wing continues to win elections utilizing the language of faith. Social justice messages, therefore, can only have a meaningful impact if ordinary citizens understand the concepts, history, and process of thexlogy.

To this end, I am announcing today a start of a new project: the Cathlacumup People's Seminary.

CPS is a community-oriented, non-degree/non-credit thexlogical educational program that equips ordinary people to appreciate the contribution of thexlogy to the Western civilization and to the world we live in, to understand the process of thexlogizing, to gain a respectful understanding of many different ways people and varied religious traditions articulate thexlogy, and how to use thexlogical reasoning to influence and transform the culture around us and to create a culture of liberation and social justice.

Thexlogians are the ultimate culture-makers.

Thexlogy deals with the basic framework of how people make sense of the world and how they shape morality and ethics -- therefore, the fundamental building blocks of a culture.

The language that articulates one's God and the cosmos matters, and ideas have consequences.

CPS is in part inspired by a project by now-defunct The Bridge Christian Church (many people may know this better as "the food church") called Portland People's Seminary, in a sense that it will be a discussion-oriented small group around selected reading materials. However, unlike the Bridge, this will be truly non-sectarian and non-proselytizing, with focus on the intellectually honest and challenging inquiry.

This announcement does not imply the termination of the other projects, services, and products -- all of which also are in line with the culture-making mission.

Those who wish to hear more about the Cathlacumup People's Seminary project are invited to sign up for the mailing list at