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Introducing "Through the Clear Recital"

June 22, 2018 | Congregation of the Amaranthine Sacrarium

On this summer solstice (the feast of Rosa Mundi), I present a femmeling blog to this one, "Through the Clear Recital."

Through the Clear Recital is a collection of serialized commentaries on the Clear Recital, sacred scripture with origin in the 1970s Great Britain in its present form. Today, a number of small religious communities and sects use this book as their primary holy texts. The book has also been known as the "Madrian Scriptures," "Filianic Scriptures," "Deanic Scriptures," and "the Gospel of God the Mother." While there are several variants to this book exist, the majority of texts are identical to one another. 

This website, however, presents a different way of approaching the Clear Recital. Here, we consider the Clear Recital from a metaphysical standpoint, using a New Thought approach to world scriptures. Unlike other places, we focus on the practical applications of the scriptures. At the same time, we also analyze the texts using traditional theological and exegetical methods, including a modified version of Midrashic method and inductive study methods that are more common in the Jewish and Christian hermeneutics.