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Understanding Trump movement and nature of masculinity

August 24, 2018 | Current affairs

Here's something most people on the left do not understand:

To many Americans, Donald Trump represents the muscular manhood the United States has not seen since the 1950s: the unapologetic, tough, unashamed manliness that projects power. Men, in general, look up to Donald Trump as a sort of savior of their own insecure manhood after decades of being subjected to society's shaming and guilt-tripping of males who are doing nothing more than being who they are. They cast votes for Donald Trump and joined the Trump movement, and for the first time, they felt like they're real men at last as they made the Trump brand their own. At last, they felt like they could be proud of being a man, and found a sense of purpose and importance. This also explains the growth of men's movement such as Proud Boys. To many men of this generation who were raised without strong fathers, Donald Trump is an embodiment of what a real father could have been -- hence their support for him grew stronger every time he talked and acted like your not-so-smart dad who might say dumb things often but looked tough.

This isn't about political ideology, about economics, or any other cerebral and rational stuff (and paradoxically, this isn't even about white supremacy even if Stephen Miller is injecting his racism into it -- rather, this is about pure cruelty and display of power over what they think as someone who should or could be dominated). This is about the primal yearning that is latent within every male, that is part of their genetics. Whether society and predominant culture try to suppress it by making it politically incorrect or by publicly shaming it, or by indoctrinating children and youth into thinking that men who are proud of who they are are somehow "toxic," "chauvinistic" and "backward," every man's natural propensity toward masculinity will not die, any more than gays can be turned straight -- and will find outlets one way or the other, culminating in young men joining violent movements for the sake of finding meanings in something greater than they are, or by committing violent crimes in an attempt at proving their repressed manhood. The only solution is to encourage American men to be men without having to make excuses -- not the milquetoast ideas of "balancing the masculine with the feminine" or raising sensitive boys free from sexism or encouraging men to become feminists.

Failing to understand this as the fundamental root of what is happening in society today will lead to further growth of the Trump movement and the likes of Proud Boys will recruit more men into their ranks to become a serious danger to America.