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There's no such thing as 'Mother Earth'

May 11, 2018 | Cultural critique of "women's spirituality" and general woo-woo

This is a sort of sequel to my earlier article (which, in turn, was a republication of an article that I wrote about a year and a half ago) but this is a discussion that deserves a separate page.

There's no such thing as "Mother Earth," and anyone who carelessly or intentionally uses such terminology is either sexist or lacks critical thinking.

The idea of "Mother Earth" came from an ancient cosmology, a patriarchal one, in which "Father Sky" subjugated "Mother Earth." The rain was Father Sky's "semen" that fertilized Mother Earth.

(A bit of sidenote, but it's also curious how the word "husband" once meant a farmer who dominated the land for agriculture.)

This idea of attributing the "feminine" to the Earth and the "masculine" to the heavenly realms is as old as the dawn of patriarchy.

The idea that femininity — and especially Divine femininity — is exclusively associated with the lunar and chthonic, as opposed to the solar and celestial, is one that develops along with patriarchy itself. Yet wherever the feminine image of the Divine is strong, She is also solar and heavenly. Mary is hailed as Queen of Heaven (ave regina coeli) — precisely the title of the Goddess to Whom the Hebrew women of Jeremiah's time sacrificed honey-cakes, much to the prophet’s chagrin.

-- "The Earth Mother: a fallacy for all seasons"

In addition, this binary thinking gets old very quickly. If it isn't a cosmology that divides the universe into heaven and hell, it is this worldview that splits the vast universe into neatly categorized labels of "masculine" and "feminine" -- and keeps reifying the sexist stereotypes associated with such mythology. The Earth is just a planet made of minerals for the most part. It's neither your father nor mother. And more importantly, there is only one power and presence in the universe -- and therefore this universe is a unified, indivisible oneness.