Thexlogians are culture-makers.

Welcome to the Aurora People's Seminary (APS) (formerly Cathlacumup People's Seminary). A community of thexlogical⁂ learning for the non-religious and those who are not part of specific sectarian confessions, APS is a community-oriented, non-sectarian and non-degree thexlogical⁂ educational program that equips ordinary people to appreciate the contribution of thexlogy⁂ to the Western civilization and to the world we live in, to understand the process of thexologizing⁂, to gain a respectful understanding of many different ways people and varied religious traditions articulate thexlogy⁂, and how to use thexlogical⁂ reasoning to influence and transform the culture around us and to create a culture of liberation and social justice.

Thexlogians⁂ are the ultimate culture-makers.

Thexlogy⁂ deals with the basic framework of how people make sense of the world and how they shape morality and ethics -- therefore, the fundamental building blocks of a culture.

The language that articulates one's God and the cosmos matters, and ideas have consequences.

In this world, especially in the United States, religious beliefs and moral thexlogy⁂ have an oversized influence on our society and public policy. It would not be an understatement that how an American believes about his or her God affects how they vote in elections and how they formulate values that inform their public and private behaviors.

APS will meet in a small group setting over a period of time, learning over assigned reading lists and hands-on projects.

We are not affiliated with any particular religious tradition, church, or denomination -- nor do we profess to be Christian -- and are open to anyone who is interested in an intellectually rigorous and honest community of learning that challenges established narratives. However, if you are too emotionally invested in your faith tradition, this may not be a good fit for you. Likewise, if you are an overly spiritual person or someone who likes to call yourself "spiritual not religious," this wouldn't be a good fit, either. The purpose of APS is not to defend or promote doctrines of any specific religious organization, nor is to proselytize anyone. Rather, the focus is a study and discussion of thexlogy⁂ as an academic subject matter.

This is not a degree-granting institution, nor does it issue transferable credits.

⁂ Here, instead of the words theology or thealogy, we write it out as thexlogy, in recognition that the Divine cannot be contained in any kind of rigid gender binary our human society had created.