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Are you renting the Alice Tarbell building for an event?

The Alice Tarbell Cultural Space, as part of the Estancia Serenova retreat center facility, is available for rentals. For more information, call 503-757-1737.

Art in the Alice Tarbell Cultural Space

The Preslar Gallery curates and presents an art exhibit featuring different artists each month. It is our hope that the art adds to the specialness of your event's ambience, and that your guests will enjoy what we have to offer in discovering and showcasing the emerging artistic talent of the Pacific Northwest.

Some art shows and artists deal with subject matters that are controversial. Our artists' agreement, however, forbids artwork that is pornographic in nature, or otherwise inappropriate for an all-ages, multipurpose event center.

Temporary removal of art during an event

The gallery's business model is to create exposures and generate art sales through various events held in the Alice Tarbell Cultural Space building.

As such, any request by eventholders for a temporary removal of art exhibit (for the purpose of decorating the space or any other reasons) will incur a service fee of $200.00 per event, per day, up to a maximum per-event charge of $500.00. This fee is primarily a form of disincentive rather than "just money," but it represents both the extra labor required on the side of the curator, and the lost potential art sales during a high-traffic event.

The Preslar Gallery and exhibiting artists appreciate your understanding.

Accidental damages to art during an event by your vendors or by your guests

The artists explicitly waive all rights to damages to their artwork during the course of an exhibit. However, if a damage appears to be intentional, malicious, or egregious, we may request you to compensate the artist(s) as a courtesy and as a sign of goodwill.

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