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This blog has moved (say hello to the Brand Fairy!)

November 07, 2018 | Uncategorised

After a couple of months of going back-and-forth, I decided to move this blog off the Limeadestand Works Web site.

In doing so, I am violating just about every professional advice I would usually offer. The new blog is now hosted off-site, on someone else's platform (Automattic's

And it runs on Wordpress, which is something I would never normally recommend for most clients due to security concerns, difficulties in managing database (if self-hosted), numerous headaches related to maintenance, etc. To make the situation worse, I will have quite a lot of restrictions on what I can do on when it comes to customizing themes and such. 

Usually, I am extremely strict about enforcing brand and style manuals. So it is unfortunate that I cannot even use the official Limeadestand Works typefaces (Andada and Amaranth). 

It was a very tough decision for me to make, and it was only after I explored other options.

But I determined that this move was necessary and worth the trade-off.

For some time, I have been wanting to level up this blog to become an educational destination of choice for those who want to learn about branding, public relations, design, and entrepreneurship. Sadly, analytics data and SEO audits have repeatedly shown that this blog has not gotten the audience. Search engines do not seem to index individual articles because of the way the URL looks (and I cannot alter the .htaccess file on this server to make the URL more SEO-friendly). 

Secondly, backend user interface really matters to me as a writer. I want to concentrate on one thing when I am blogging, and that is writing a great, high-quality article.

Now that the autumn has come and the stressful mid-term elections cycle over, I have opened a new blog, The Brand Fairy.

All existing contents here will be preserved until they are revised and republished on the Brand Fairy. Once this process is over, I will be deleting the Creative Liberation Lab Notes.