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Limited-time free offer: "Branding 101" white paper

April 26, 2018 | Free resources

You are new to entrepreneurship and may be wondering, "What is branding?"

In our everyday life, we are filled with thousands of brands everywhere, but what makes a brand powerful? Why do you need to think branding when you are starting a business, even if it's a very small one?

We are offering for a limited time free copies of our "Branding 101" white paper to anyone who subscribes to our Creative Liberation Lab newsletter between April 26 and May 10, 2018.

"Branding 101" offers a concise overview of various key elements of an effective branding, with many examples and case studies from brands that you are familiar with. 

It is a must-read for anybody who is thinking about branding, rebranding, or starting their own business!

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(Please note: Allow up to 36 hours before we verify your subscription and email you the white paper. This offer is intended for U.S. and Canadian residents only, including U.S. territories. If you are a citizen of any European Union member state, this offer is not available to you due to this type of offer being no longer allowed under the General Data Protection Regulations.)