The Preslar Gallery

Other things to do and see near the Preslar Gallery!

While on your trip to the Preslar Gallery, we recommend you to explore southern Columbia County.

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Downtown Saint Helens, 6 to 8 miles from the gallery, is home to several amazing restaurants. They are all pretty casual, but the food is excellent.

Breweries and wineries

Columbia County has a small but emerging brew and winery scene.

Afternoon tea!


While Saint Helens does not have a large commercial district, many independent shops are located along Columbia Boulevard as well as along South First Street. You will find a few vintage and antique stores, as well as a few well-stocked thrift stores with great deals. These stores are great for finding materials to upcycle!


While you can watch movies anywhere these days, if you're looking for an experience, be sure to stop by at the Columbia Theatre, a historic cinema within a National Historic District! Unlike some of similar cinemas in Portland, however, the Columbia shows first-run films -- and it's only $6.50 for matinee screenings ($8.50 evenings)! 212 S. First St..

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