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Curation history:

  • Curatorial assistant volunteer, Evolve Gallery at 100th Monkey Studio, Portland, Oregon (2010).
  • Commons and a Nation, an Occupy Portland Third Anniversary Art Exhibit (December 2014), Red & Black Cafe, Portland, Oregon.
  • Rites of Resistance, the Red Tent Convergence Women's Festival of the Pacific Northwest art show (September 1-4, 2017), Estancia Serenova, Yankton, Oregon.
  • Curator and gallery director, The Preslar Art Initiatives (formerly The Preslar Gallery), since February 2018.

Other activities:

  • Taught a series of hand-lettering workshops at Taborspace, Portland, Oregon, April 2012.
  • Facilitated art workshops at the annual Operation Nightwatch-Portland spiritual retreat in Molalla, Oregon, for years 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.
  • Selected artist-in-residence for the Institute for Thealogy and Deasophy, 2010.
  • Designed the branding mark for Southeast Grind in 2009 (note: the design is no longer in use).
  • Commissioned painting (2013) Purrdians of Traditions for Ruby Receptionists, Portland, Oregon.


I enjoy photography (both taking pictures and appreciating other photographers' works). My dream is to get my hands on a professional-grade digital camera (used ones are fine) and take this to a next level. Primarily, I like landscapes, plant and flower macros, and cats. Because of my background in journalism, I also like to do more of a photojournalistic work, capturing events and human activities as they take place.

On the modeling side, I have worked with several Portland-area photographers between 2007 and 2016 (mostly for their portfolios and for their artistic projects) as a model. While I am no longer actively modeling, but I am open to collaborating with photographers on a project that I have on my mind.

Basically, I am interested in doing a series of portraiture that explores the diversity and multifacetedness of non-binary queer folks, intersparsed with interviews. (My primary inspirations for this project are Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum's Style Like U and Caitlin Stasey's Herself, as well as Joani Blank's I am my lover, but devoted entirely on non-binary femmes.)


Note: Active under the name "Sarah Lia Iridia" until 2009; as "Sarah-Andrea Morrigan" 2010-2017; as "Willow Morrigan" since 2018.  

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