Limeadestand Works Media

Free spirits. Culture makers. Sovereign creators.

Create your freedom with your own hand.

Limeadestand Works Media equips free-spirited creators to establish powerful brands so that they will achieve excellence as entrepreneurial creators who will impact society and reshape the culture.

Limeadestand Works was founded in 2016 to fulfilling its vision of helping you take your own freedom into your own hand as creators and culture-makers.

The vision


Media professionals are in the business of storytelling. More than anything else, the world is shaped by the words, ideas, and imageries; whoever who masters the words, whoever who masters the ideas, whoever who masters the thoughts, and whoever who masters the narratives, are the ones who conquer the world: ethics, religions, cultures, politics, and economies.

The power of visual and written storytelling has a tremendous potential for a transformation of our culture. Likewise, the reshaping of your own narratives — both in your business and in personal life — changes your life for the good.

Limeadestand Works is committed to a positive culture-making through the transforming and renewing of our individual and collective minds.

What we do

The mission of Limeadestand Works is to provide the kind of brand communication, digital marketing, and public relations capacities that large corporations employ, to solopreneurs and microenterprises at prices they can afford, on flexible and scalable terms. Always attuned to the current trends, Limeadestand Works incorporates the latest best practice in brand and public relations just like the high-end agencies serving the major corporations.

  • Brand design and brand communication for solopreneurs and microenterprises
  • Public relations
  • Copywriting and editing
  • Publication designs from business cards to books
  • Digital marketing, content marketing, and social media presence management
  • Creating an ethical business culture: consultation on articulating business core values

Become a member

Limeadestand Works values the sense of community, encourages networking and mutual aid, and fosters authentic relations. To this end, products and services are available only to members of our Creative Liberation Union and those who have been referred to us by a CLU member. This free, exclusive membership is for creative entrepreneurs who aspire to use their creativity to shape cultures and impact society.

Members get access to private, member-only resources, including exclusive contents and access to our private Discord server.

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